Minced sound


First of all, I really like the game and its progression.

I would like to fully enjoy it but my pleasure is wasted by the sound that is completely chopped.

I have already updated all my drivers, sound, motherboard, video etc. Nothing does. Besides, the other games I have on steam do not have this problem. I concluded that it is a big game.

I would like to point out that the music and sounds on the home screen are not impacted. It is only ingame. I also tried to pass everything in the lowest quality but that doesn’t change anything. Do you have an idea?

thank you in advance. Best?

First, try verifying Steam files.

If that doesnt work, search log file for corrupt and delete the files and verify again.


Still no dice? Check any audio gear you might be using (outside of standard motherboard sound). There was another chap who had issues with some of his gears buffers

Verification of the Steam files was already done. I’ll try the next solution. Thanks.

Still the same issue. It seems that the last update reduce slightly the pbm. I haven’t any audio device other that the Mother Board and an USB Headset. I’m lost.

I don’t know what pbm means.

It could be an optimisation issue or some issue related to your specific configuration of hardware and drivers.

You can ise DxDiag to generate a system report which might have some relevant information.

You can also check the game logs to see if it has an error about “corrupt” files.

Stands for problem.