Migrate ALL to standard

So just died on my Hardcore journey. I want to keep playing the build to see how far I could of gone when I managed to get the right gear on. But we died and im looking at this like ok, you have a kindness to let our characters continue to live in standard but I have no option to migrate all my stash tabs and crafting materials to standard to follow him. Im not asking to leave “some things” on hardcore. Im asking if transfering ALL of it would be out of the question?

You were naked when you were born, and you will be naked when you die. XD


This wouldn’t work because many people play multiple (or exclusively) hardcore characters. If you transfered stuff to standard then a new character would have an empty stash. You just have to treat them as 2 separate worlds. If you want to keep playing your dead HC character, you will need a standard stash as well.
Although, at this point, you could just go SC on all characters. If you never die you get to keep the deathless tag, which achieves the same purpose currently.

What would work… Stash would stay in HC. Character and inventory would go Standard.
If you put everything you own and carry it around in your inventory, then it’s the players fault.

That is what currently happens and what the OP is proposing to change.