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Meteors of Apocalypse Sorcerer Build (Mage) Reign Down Fire to Devastate your Foes!

This build make use of Meteor and and Fireball to reign down devastating fire of apocalypse on your foes!! Clear monoliths super fast and get high arena waves easily with this one.


So I tried this build but I’m still playing with it. Want max cast speed and meteor to be usable without mana worry. So I took max fireballs but am only shooting one with max cast speed. Meteor can now be spammed with zero worry.

The downside is that my meteor skill is built for one meteor to allow spamming and the least amount of mana used.

Currently trying to figure out if one fireball buffed by Flameward and Meteor is better than 5 in sequence buffed by Flameward and no Meteor.

I haven’t tested the channeling yet.

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