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Which 3 buildings do you consider the most powerful before this new att??
I’m focused on necro for solo HC and from the little I’ve seen the construction of druid Squirrels with Herald and Sentinel void autobomber the most powerful (correct me if I’m wrong)

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Not knowing if there are any nerfs coming, I would add:

Poison Flurry Bladedancer (imho probably nerf coming)
Forge Guard Manifest Armour Shield throw (imho unlikely to be nerfed)


They’re fixing bugs, not nerfing, it’ll still be powerful, just not as obscene as it is at the moment.

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And to add FG one is really really enjoyable to play, imo that’s the best of both worlds summoning and more classic one!

Agreed with all these. I’ll also add the Thorn Shield Bear.

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I think it depends on the content you want to do. Like do you want to be a boss killer and/or dungeon farmer? Want to zoom through 1,000 corruption? Do you want to be a Top Arena contender?

I know HoA and Shield Throw are good in Arena if you want that to be your focus, although if the HCSSF Leaderboards are anything to go by, then anything can be great provided you build around it.

OP said Necro for solo HC but I agree, some characters are kind of specialized in one field and may be pretty bad in another.

I personally have to say the Flame Wraith Necromancer is one of my favourite characters and pretty strong overall and relatively safe to play.

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Well, some people seem to like their HC experience to be rather short. :wink:

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It’s me being semi sarcastic as Poison Flurry is often pretty glass-cannon-ish (at least mine is) but of course it can be built kind of tanky aswell.

You don’t need tankiness if everything’s dead.

Exactly! That’s why I managed to do T4 Julra first try with my highest DPS char while all the others failed. Doesn’t matter if I get oneshot by a wet noodle if I kill them first. :wink:

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