Merchants Guild - Sold category can we get a filter for SOLD tab or have SOLD items always on top?

To clarify the title a little in regards to Merchant Guild. When you sell an item and go to the sold tab, you have to search through all the items to ever sold to find the new one that just sold. No big deal at the start when you only have a couple of pages. But when you have 10/20/50+ pages it becomes a major pain to go page after page. Could you either make whatever sells the top of page 1 on SOLD tab by default or at least put a filter in the SOLD category so we can easily have what most recently sold at top?

Now if I missed something and there is a way to do this in game any already and I’m just an idiot, please feel free to tell me I am an imbecile I’d deserve it. But please do tell me how to actually do what I’m asking after properly trashing me lol.