Menu auto scrolling

I have encountered a bug where menus will auto-scroll after any interaction with them. This happens 100% of the time. I found an older bug report of similar behaviour when someone had an alternative controller connected.

I am using Fedora 34/5.15

le_graphicsmanager.ini (476 Bytes)
Player.log (20.2 KB)
skunkzorSystemInfo.txt (72.5 KB)

EDIT: I also tried XFCE window manager and disabling my ckb-next mouse configuration tool with the same results.

Same here. Disabled all steam overlays, -nojoy as launch option, on wayland, on xorg, disabled all steam input devices (controllers etc) 100% of the time menus autoscroll as you interact with them. it worked before 0.83. there are other reports on forum. [Linux] Constant scroll down input, video in post - #2 by tigaente
Lists keep scrolling down automatically

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