Melees really NEED LMB move+1 Attack

with only running on lmb its really arkward to play, ive never seen that in any ARPG.

we dont need an additional button slot, just introduce what you had in beta, so we can pick one of the skills in 1-4 to also trigger on LMB

it worked just fine in beta and im really curious why you removed that?

i dont care if console players have a hard time playing on their platform of choice, making pc accessibility worse cause others choose xbox, ps, or simply a controller isnt my fault.


Still no word about any fix… :frowning:


it seems. theres a lot of threads - but no responses as to why or why not.

im only playing minion builds and passive procc hammerdin so far. cause everything else is not fun having to play like classic wow ^^

My dream is for melee to have melee-root-restriction on attacks removed so they can attack while moving, just like diablo 4.

This game would improve like 80% for melee classes.


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