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Melee hybrid leech shard not calculating properly

or not working properly.
i have 2 items with this affix:
1.6 leech on hit + 20% increased leech
1,5 leech on hit + 19 increased leech
i have 7.5 melee leech from void knight tree (world eater 5 points)

so expect to see (7.5+ 1.6+ 1,5) * 1.39 = 10.6 * 1.39 = 14.7 leech
but instead i see 10 only.
it more close to 7.5 + (1.6+1.5)*1.39 = 11.8 but still far from exact.
If increase leech not work with leech from passive tree, need to say it somewhere

That’ll be 7.5+1.5+1.6 = 10.6 rounded down to be displayed as 10. As far as I’m aware, the increased health leech part of the affix increases the health you get back, it doesn’t affect the leech. The melee leech line on the character screen only shows the melee leech number, not the increased number that would actually be used to calculate how much hp you get back.

but its same thing only different wording.

and actually , why sometimes game rounds numbers using floor function (10.6 to 10 )
and sometimes using cell (when i had only 7.5 from passive it showed 8)

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