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I’m new to Last Epoch and getting my head around the stats. I’m slightly confused about melee damage and hoping someone can clarify for me. When I craft an item I can select melee damage but also melee fire damage, melee void damage etc. What is the difference between melee damage and melee fire damage for example? Is is the same as increased damage vs increased fire damage where one scales all melee damage and the other a specific type?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

% Melee damage is an increased modifier. Flat fire/void/etc melee damage is your base melee damage that is then modified by any appropriate % modifiers. % Melee damage affects all melee damage (but not spells, bow, etc), % fire damage would affect all fire damage (melee fire, spell fire, bow fire, etc) but not any other element.

There is an ingame gameguide plus this Community Game Guide:

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Cheers Llama8.

So if I were to craft a sword for example and on the first prefix put melee fire damage (+8 melee fire damage) and then on second prefix put melee damage (20%) it would add 8 fire damage to my sword and lets say the implicit on the sword has 10 fire damage making the sword have 10 + 8 melee fire damage and then take the 20% to modify the damage of that melee fire damage further?

Yup. 10 chars

Got it. Thanks :+1:

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Rule of thumb it is easy to pile up lots of % damage but quite hard to get flat base damage.

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