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Mele auto-targeting should be opt-in

Hi all!

I have been playing the game for some time and I am enjoying it a lot! But I have found something that is annoying me a little bit: When I use a melee skill my character would automatically turn around to attack a enemy within range rather than simply using the ability in the direction towards the cursor. This is a good quality of life feature that, in my specific case, is annoying me a little bit because I am using Multistrike with Hallowed Arsenal which means that when there is only one enemy my character will automatically hit it with Multistrike which means it cannot be hit by the triggered Smite.

My suggestion is that this autotarget feature should be opt-in, with maybe an option on the menu or maybe holding shift while using the ability will disable the targeting. The feature is very useful as-is in 99% of cases, but having the option to disable it wont hurt anyone and it might be beneficial in that 1% of edge cases.

Thank you for the amazing game!