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Megative minion damage

My minion damage somehow dropped significantly. i dont know what did it but it used to be way higher like 1 hour ago and now looking at it its crazy low. I have minion damage / minion physical damage everywhere i can get it and have the unique amulet that gives 80% minion damage (which wolves active)

2nd picture is my stats with no gear on. i have -50% pretty much all minion stats. i did some testing and it looks like each piece of gear as i equip it is only giving my 50% of its value. (says gives 24% minion damage and only gives me 12%) minion physical gave me 30% when it should have given me 38% on my ring as another example

update. i have the passive that gives me 1 maximum companion and 50% less damage to companions if i havnt attacked recently. Looking at my stats when i attack something they dont go up ever so im not sure if my damage is stuck at 50% reduced or if it goes up when i attack because its not showing on the tool tip

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