Mechanics questions

I have a few mechanics questions:

  1. The node “Rotten Core” in the Thorn Totem tree shows the associated skill “Poison Burst” with the tags: Physical, Poison, Spell, Area. Am I correct that the skill scales with player modifiers (and NOT minion modifiers) because it does not have the minion tag?

  2. Does the node “Healing Winds” in the Maelstrom tree scale with the number of Maelstrom stacks that are active? Is it correct that the healing amount scales with healing effectiveness?

  3. The node “Cycle of Life” in the Spriggan Form tree gives a chance to gain a Vale Spirit when a healing totem dies. Does this also trigger when a healing totem is unsummoned? Similar nodes in the Thorn Totem tree specifically say “dies or is unsummoned”

  4. Do the aura effects of two summoned Spriggans stack?

  5. The amulet “Serpent’s Milk” gives minions 200% poison chance and 90% less poison damage. If a Thorn Totem is converted to cold, does the 90% less poison damage covert to 90% less Frostbite damage?

No, because the skill is used by a minion (the totem) so it uses the minion’s stats not yours.

Only if they were providing different stats (in other words, no, you can’t use 2 spriggans to cap your crit avoidance). Not entirely sure if the heal or other numeric stats (reflect per Vitality, flat spell damage) stack but I’d assume not for the stats since that’s what the crit avoidance is & I know that doesn’t stack.

No, that node doesn’t convert % poison damage modifiers just % poison chance.

Yes, that’s what healing effectiveness does, it makes healing effects (as distinct from leach or life on hit) more effective. Given the value on the node I’d assume that it’s per stack but I’ve never tried it.

Are you sure about that? I was wondering the same and tried to test it. But it was impossible to determine the damage number of the explosion between all those other numbers from totem hits, dots, etc. Then I decided to go by the tooltip and that one clearly scales with player stats instead of minion stats. So, I assumed the game considers that skill to be cast by the player even though it feels counterintuitive.

Edit: Hm, judging based on the sub-skills in the Storm Totem tree the tooltip UI seems to assume that all those sub-skills are cast by the player instead of the totem. I guess that’s more of a UI limitation then and less likely a bug with all those sub-skills.

It doesn’t. The text says that “when a totem dies or is unsummoned they …” not you. Im on my phone at the moment so can’t really check, but if a subskill is used by the minion the text should refer to the minion doing it rather than the player doing it. Zombies is a good example of this. Vomit is the only subskill they cast, but the tooltip for Vomit doesn’t have minion tags because its assumed that the minion is doing it.

Thanks. I tested it again after my previous post. This time I did it on a non-enemy dummy so that it only showed the explosion damage and it definitely scales with minion stats. No bug there but I guess the tooltip for those minion sub-skills is kinda pointless or even misleading when their DPS indicator is based on the player’s stats instead of the minion’s ones as it should be.

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