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Mechanics question

Really enjoying this so far, got a mechanics question regarding status effects that can stack, such as ignite, shock, poison, etc. Is there any benefit to having over a 100% chance to cause them? It’s fairly easy to boost way past 100%; for example, I have over 280% ignite chance on my Sorcerer. Is that extra amount a waste, or triggering multiple ignites?

You can inflict more than one instance at a time. So 280% chance means 2 instance + 1 with a 80% chance.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that, it was hard to tell one way or the other in practice. Looks like my Sorcerer plans are well on track then :). Does that hold true for the other stackable status effects as well?

Yes, all the effects should stack in some way or another.

It holds for all normal DoTs (ignite, bleed, poison) and shock. Not sure about chill. And doesn’t hold for skill specific DoTs like void DoT on hammer throw unless otherwise specified.


Sweet, thanks for the info!

Is there somewhere that documents this sort of stuff? I haven’t had much luck searching for it before I made this post.

You should check this post out. Then there is wiki which is quite up to date but may fall behind due to frequent patches. Also you can get answer to this kind of questions probably faster in discord channel.

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