Mechanics Clarifications (Leech, kill threshold, aoe, void knight)

Hello, apologies for the miscellaneous topics but these are a few mechanics that I’ve had some trouble getting clear answers for sorry for the length I tried to be as clear as possible in case others have similar questions:

Do Leech instances end or persist when a character is at full life?
The wiki says leech instances ends at full life, but cites a broken/old discord link, so im wondering if it is still accurate. If leech instances end at full life, it would be great to add as a line to the in game guide.

Is the “increased health leech” on voidmaw under anomaly different from the “increased leech rate” on siphon of anguish?
I understand that increased leech rate means that a 100 life instance recovers in 3sec/1.3=2.3sec.
Is “increased leech rate” leech effect? eg 100life instance*1.5- 150 life instance?
If voidmaw is a different stat, is it multiplicative with leech rate?

Kill Threshold:
Does the kill threshold/cull hit include the damage of the hit that takes an enemy under the threshold e.g can cull an enemy with 10%+1 life ? Or is it only reached when hitting an enemy that has been put under the threshold by other damage e.g. only hits under 10% of life can cull.

Does “increased aoe” scale linearly with radius or with squared area? That is, does more increased aoe give a linearly noticable effect or with diminishingly noticeable effect as you get more? Are the breakpoints for specific skills?

Void Knight Anomoly (Time Bubble):
Time bubble says that “enemies caught in the time bubble are slowed and take increased void damage”. Does this apply the slow ailment? only one stack or multiple? does not apply the ailment but a generic slow to attack speed/movement speed? how much increased void damage taken?

Void Knight passive (Void Aegis):
If you’ve had an aegis instance triggered, does the 10% DR apply to all the damage from a hit that is larger than the 100 damage aegis size? or only the 100 damage size of the aegis?

Void Knight Warpath (Apocalypse Whirl):
Under apocalypse whirl’s more information, it says that "the chance is not affected by warpaths reduction to ailment application. " Does this line apply to all time rot chance even after bleed and ignite as been converted? or only the time rot chance that is on the node (30%)

Thank you for any information you have!

First and foremost: Welcome to the LE Community!

Leech does not end at full health.

The wiki is terribly outdated in most cases.

“Leech Rate” and “Health Leech” are two different stats.

“Leech Rate” detemines how fast your leech applies. 3 seconds is baseline.
So with 30% Leech Rate your Leech would take 2,307 seconds (Base Leech Time/(1+Leech Rate); 3/(1+0,3) = 2,307

“%increased Health Leech” will increase any leech you have, but you need to have a base value to increase to begin with.

Lets do an example:

You deal 100 damage and have 5% Health Leech = 5 Health over 3 seconds
You deal 100 damage and have 5% health leech and 20% increased health leech = 6 health over 3 seconds

I would also recommend using the Game Guide (press G), it has a dedicated section for health leech explaining most of it’s function.

Leech Rate also actually is explained in advanced tooltips, if you press and gold [ALT]

Kill Threshold is applied after applying any hit damage from the ability.

So if the hit brings the target below the kill threshold, kill threshold will kill the target without the need of applying another damage instance.

I think this depends on the skill, but generally increased or more area applies to the radius, if I am not mistaken.

The Timebubble does not apply “Slow” as an ailment, but just reduced the enemies movement speed slightly.
I don’t know how much extra damage the enemy takes, but i think it’s in the real of 5-10% damage taken.

I think this can only be answered by a dev, but I would assume the damage is only partially reduced, similar to how endurance works.

I am pretty sure this applies to all time rot chance, not only the 30% from the node, but this one probably can also just be answered by a dev.


Thanks a lot for warm welcome and the reply, I really appreciate your insight. Oh, and your item filter which I’ve been using as a filter base, haha.

I hope a dev stumbles on this and feels like answering the last few questions. I’m that painfully curious type who has a hard time getting this stuff out of his head haha.


Yeah, I’d go with that. The devs tend not to re-invent the wheel when they don’t need to. If you got hit for more than 1k, the first 100 damage would be mitigated & you’d take the rest.

Last time I tested this was few patches ago, but all leech instances are removed when you get full health (unless it has changed recently)

Out of curiosity, how can you tell? Are there mods/effects which give a benefit while leeching?

I was testing against dummy and had two test cases.

  1. Equip Exsanguinous (or similar item with “Current Health Lost per second”) and get tons of leech and keep attacking dummy.
    Interaction between % of health loss and leech is kind of weird, but when you keep attacking dummy you’ll notice your health is never exactly max health, and every ~3s your health mysteriously drops, no matter how much leech you have.
  2. Equip Titan heart (disables regen), and get little leech (not too much). When you hit dummy and remove Titan heart (this changes your max health) and instantly put it back, one of the two things happen:
    2.1 if your current health reached max health when you removed/added chest, you will no longer gain health even if you should have leech from last hit (3s duration)
    2.2 if your current health did not reach max health when you removed/added chest, you will still gain health

Good methodology! +1, would approve research grants again!

ok after some bad testing on a void knight who turns out has dot leech, i tried your method on a different character and it seems that leech does not persist on full life.

Mmm It would seem likely to have a similar implementation to existing stuff,but if this is the case, then a 100/0.9= 111 health shield would do the exact same, without any of the opacity right?

Ok, than I might talking bullshit.

But for my most played build it doesn’t make a difference, because i play Death Seal with Deadlock, which sets my health to 33% and leech definitely persist, when you reach 33% health, this way leech is the unltimate counter for any incoming DoT/Ailment Damage,

Sorry to @rawrgrr for giving you misinformation, I am feeling bad now :imp:

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no biggie no biggie I, sure theres a lot of stuff thats just still unclear since the game changes so much.


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