Mechanical differences for Blood/Ignite?

Are there any plans to make Bleed and Ignite function mechanically different to each other (& Poison which does already have a difference being the increased damage taken per stack)?

If they changed ignite to funtion like poison every ignite build done as a spellblade/sorceror wpuld be OP

I’d want/hope that each dot would have a different function compared to the others. So Poison has increased damage taken per stack, maybe ignite could cause all “unused” ignite stacks/damage to be dealt as an explosion on the target’s death & maybe bleed could have a stacking slow (capped at an amount).
That way, if you wanted single target poison would be more effective, ignite would be more effective for AoE & bleed for control.

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I do like the leftover ignote stacks exploding for half total damage left in a small area. Not sure about bleed. I feel something more like blood rage would be cool. Every enemy killed with more than 5 stacks of bleed at death grants you 10% more bleed damage for 4 seconds

Actaully regarding this, you would have to look at the damage forms in their most primal and work from there on up.
it is nice to have dot in a game, however how dot mechanics work could be made a lot more interesting, example poison, I read that it works a bit different from bleed and ignite, however poison should work loads different.
As it is irl you get many forms of poison, example you could have poison that slows enemies or weakens them as a neurotoxin would, you could let an enemy take more damage when poisoned because they are in a weakened state, you could also with that weakened state make a enemy more susceptable to other forms of poison.
The very same could be done with ignite and bleed but differently, with ignite a player can have full body burn but lower damage or the same effect but with more damage, you could have a weakened state or make a enemy susceptable to be torched example a line such as “when foe is ignited they stand a 5% chance to combust, combusted foes have a higher burn tick rate and can totally explode when they are cinder burn is applied”
As for bleed one can make little wounds that has a slower tick rate and last much longer but you could also hve gushing wounds that deal a % of your base at tick rate 0.3 seconds for 1.5 seconds for example, you could have severed tendons which will let your foe be slowed and their attack could be weaker too.
Also gushing wounds could be a critical as it could be a gushing wound on a critical vein for example and each of the different forms of bleed should show their own tick rate on a mob or boss when dealt different forms of bleed.
But dots should not stop there
a frostburnt foe should be able to receive a lot more damage from other skills as an example with cold spells

Or something, yeah. IMO it would “feel nicer” if each DoT had some sort of mechanic that did something a bit different to the other & was thematically related to the DoT (hence ignites dealing fire damage in an AoE on death).

But I think it also needs to be simple, both to explain to the user & for the game to calculate (& display in-game). I also think that it would be nice if there were some graphical effect to give some feedback to the user on how many stacks are on the target. Currently I’m never entirely sure if a target mob has been shocked, for example, so I think that it would be good to see if there’s a way LE could more clearly show to the user what debuffs/ailments/etc are on a target (without cluttering things up, obviously).

And on a related note, it does feel a bit odd to be able to apply an ailment (chill, for example) with a “different” element (lightning, physical, etc).

There is intersting stuff in other games like ignite denies HP reg from any source, bleed slows or you bleed more while moving and all kinds of stuff. Poison is just to strong when i think about people who talk about 25-35k poison dots ^^.

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