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Me personal feelings and feedback of Last Epoch

First Ill say its an amazing team behind this, the speed of develope is incredible. And the feedback made by developer is also great and not often a thing these days.

This is about how i feel when playing the game, and my personal only opinion. We all experiense things in different ways, I might be the only one have those feelings or maybe other have aswell.


I find the game a bit hard and difficult from the start, and tbh I dont know if it gets better late level havent got that far yet, why i havent got that far ill explain later. “Normally” games used to be easyer from beginning and gets harder later on, when you have earned some skills and passive wich can make you better handle a difficult raise. Here I feel you get punished from level 1, some classes are almost impossible to level up like sorceres unless you use the knockback lightning ball wich I dont like. I would rather like all skills to be an option while leveling, The Difficulty in the game make you look what other do and do the same since its the only option in current state.

You start with a skill you think work and end up kiting a boss around in 5 min becasue you dont have the damage to handle it.
Those bosses or rather all bosses have some crazy AOE wich you need to avoid wich mean running since dodge roll isnt a thing in the game. You need to stand still to fight/shoot wich isnt that easy with AOE every 5-10 seconds, its worse on melee since you need to run away from AOE and when the AOE is over you get back in the Fight and right after the next AOE comes, wich is resulting in alot hit and run, wich isnt funny tbh.

What I think is the AOE timer on bosses should have a longer cooldown before used again, especially the charge void things cant remember name, they are really annoying and I often just skip those. And I think the overall difficulty should be lovered at least the first 20 levels to have time to get the feeling of the game without getting spanked on experimenting. You dont know what a skill do before trying it, and if you find out your choice was bad you on top get punished for despecialise with the option to start over on a level 1 skill, this can be punishing if you have reached a higher level, and you end up with another skill that does nothing because it have no passive boost of any kind.

With all the options to minimize the damage you take you can raise you resist to the different elements. But as far as I have been in the game i dont feel a different in having 0 or 30 of any resist, for the look on my hp drop it seems and feel like the same. The points you spend in defensive passive feels wasted to me since it dosnt make anything easyer. Maybe at higher resist you will begin feel it dont know, but then again let me refer to lower difficulty the first 20 level until you have got some gear to better handle things if it exist or it will still not be a thing you can see I dont know.

The overall game experiense:

The game overall feels slow, both combat/kill time, and movement. I know you can raise it, but i would prefere a bit more base movement, since from level 1 you need to avoid things wich you almost dont have enough speed to do in some cases. And all classes need some sort of interrupt wich could interrupt AOE spells and other monster actions. I dont like the crafting system because of the fracture thing, I would rather have a % change to roll different things on an items with gold. I have often destroyed a decent item, wich is another punishing aspect of the game, with you end up with a item slot you need to replace with a new item, rinse and repeat. instead of tier craft it should be level determined, like when hitting level 20 you will begin craft tier 2, level 40 tier 3 and at end game you can craft tier 4. just to explain maybe not the correct levels.

To explain why i havent got far in the game as I startet to tell. The first answer is the difficulty, then the speed of the game, then the classes and skills, and lastly the zones/maps.

The difficulty and speed I have talked about.
The classes and skills:
The idea of the classes and passives are great. Its just not executed well in my opinion. I think the passives are often placed incorrect in the tree, in a game on this difficulty i would like things like life leech be one of the first options, and some huge damage boost early on, and the armor and resist a bit later since i dont feel the points in it, like it dosnt actual make a different in you play in my opinion as mentioned above aswell.

The Idea about the passive skill options are great, but again a I feel its not executed well. To many punishing choices overall, like the unique gear theres alot of times punishing downsides of you choices. Like you can have an extra pet, but the pet then take 30% more damage, on a pet that is not tough to begin with. A skill have the option to get increased damage but at the cost of insane mana cost. I would rather the skill boost was a bit lower and no increased mana cost, as an example. Same goes for the unique items wich in some cases also punish you for using them. This overall makes the skills boring to me and not interesting to use.

To sum it all up I havent got far because i try a class level it up to about 25-30 max and get bored of it and try a new and do the same i have tryed all classes severel time with same result.
For a game to be interesting I need to see my choises make a different, like feel i take less damage with resist, feel i do more damage after putting points in my skills without a downside. When i find an unique item i need the wow effect of that drop, not a wooaarhhg effect when you see you take increased fire damage or things like that, and drop the item on the ground again. The maps are uninteresting and boring, beautiful they are for sure but not interesting, graphic isnt all. Hidden caves, hidden big chests, or chests that can spawn a mini boss for some good stuff, enemys moving around not dummies just staying to w8 for you.

I wanna feel from the first levels i get more powerfull, and items that can make you feel wow now it feels easyer this item is great, those feeling are simply not in the game, it misses in almost all aspects of the game from crafting, skills, gear maps. I really want to love the game and really do try Have played on and off since kickstarter and come back and think this cant be true and try again, I just dont get the satisfaction playing it and dont feel the progress.

I know its beta and things can change. I have wrote about it on discord aswell, but nothing of what i have wrote have been changed in patches so I dont think it will be and that also fine, I have had the time worth in the game, was just hoping it could give me a feeling to continue the journey, but sadly it dont. Its a good game for many for sure no doubt about that, but maybe the game just isnt for me, I like the genre but not the execution of it. If i like a game I spend severel hours each day on it, since i have a mental illness wich result in me not have many work hours each day, so more time to play, and playing a game help me control my thought and is where i relax. I was hoping this was the next option because i have run out of games. But this year looks interesting so maybe another option will come time will tell.

Last words: Unless some changes will come to the game I dont think ill spend more time on it. Just wanna let you in the develope know what i feel about the game and hope for the best of the game in the future, with a team of developers like you guys, then im sure it will be a succes.

Regards John

I dont think game is hard. I feel lifeleech at the end makes sense, because it has Impact. And some other Things I disagree with; what I agree with is Speed of character and movement. And Maybe randomize Maps. And few other Things. :slight_smile:


Well, feel of difficulty is such a subjective thing. For me personally the game is a bit easier than I prefer. But that can’t be an argument. Those things are perfectly solved by implementing difficulty level options, and I believe it’s only way to make ALL happy :slight_smile: . But, honestly, I don’t know when it may be / planned to be implemented.

Hmm, you can see how damage is reduced by your resistances on character panel. When I reached more than 50% reduction to void, necrotic and poison with my frost nova mage, I just started to facetank all imperial undead :thinking:.

Same here. Every skill has enough nodes to double or even triple its damage! And those are usually common nodes, because key nodes often allows to increases damage even more (with some cost, I agree). I’m really surprised that you don’t feel any effect of your choice :hushed:.

Yeah, PoE style, I guess :slight_smile:
I also would love to see more LEGENDARY / UNIQUE effect, but obviously current uniques are made more for theorycreafting, I guess.

I hope they come. Don’t know when you started to play, but a lot of changes already came and they keep coming. I’m interested to see your next feedback :slight_smile:.

Devs already said they will possible make the zones smaller and with better mob density. That would improve the initial “slow feeling” of the game.

I would personally love the PoE take on unique/legendary items, that they are exactly that, unique.
They are items that aren’t necessarily stronger, but have some special modifier that allows for new skill interaction, a modifier that can’t be crafted or otherwise rolled in any traditional manner.

But to get back on track of the comment, i think OP might have been taught that legendaries or uniques are the next tier above rare items, thus explaining the feeling of

and lack of

Which becomes less and less true with every league in PoE :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s the sad development, but true.
Also that might explain, why i am looking to replace PoE, that it has lost interest to me.
What i thought exciting before, has been changed and with Chris Wilson openly saying he wished that PoE was even more hardcore and RNG heavy, it further distances me from PoE.

I feel like PoE is catering more and more to the 1% of the game and making it harder and harder for casuals to play, that and some poor game design choices, such as new content being tied in with the original content instead of expanding on it.
To clarify, i mean that the recent synthesis league has tweaked the map drops of other sources as to not flood the market, but in all honesty, i don’t want to be forced to play some content i don’t like, especially when that content isn’t part of the core game (standard versus league)

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