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McMagic's Wolf Pack Empowered Monolith Farmer , Beastmaster Build Guide , Beginner and Budget Friendly

YouTube Build Guide :

Last Epoch Build Planner :

Hey thanks for the guide, seems promising. Im searching the forum for a fun and tanky build, how would you rate survivability of this one?

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Defensive layering section summary section when add to videos kappa?

This is actually what I look for when looking at vids now tbh (when looking for arena builds)

Its quite tanky with all the damage reduction that you can get as a beastmaster a long with the insane amount of health leech. Then also add in the fact that your wolves will take a lot of your hits its a great build looking to get into the fight but also have the options to take a breather if the combat gets overwhelming. One of the most fun builds I have played so far :slight_smile:

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have you tried the aspect of the shark stacking in here? Seems like it would be pretty good.

I have thought about aspect of the shark. It takes an extra 20 points to get it optimized for stacking. So the benefits of aspect of the shark are basically your boss kills go from 1 minute to maybe 20 seconds. Other then that, you are 1 shotting everything in monolith regardless so there is no practically no benefit there, and has practically no benefit in arena. I would much rather take those 20 points and put them in hawkwings to get 100% haste. the 30% movespeed running through maps is going to save you way more time then the killing of the final boss a smidge faster. Also, you can get the physical penetration in shaman and grab tornado for 10% movespeed. so now you have 40% more movespeed then the aspect of the shark variation gave you. So in the case of pure efficiency, I prefer the 40% movespeed/24% attack speed and you still have 5 more passive points left over you can grab another 20% attack speed or endurance threshold and resistance. Or you spend those 20 points in vitality, endurance threshold, resistance, dodge and you can push content further than you could before, just not faster.

To me, asepct of the shark is a very much ‘do this content I can already do easily, a bit more easily’ which I generally don’t favor. I want stuff that lets my character push and do things I couldn’t other wise do so Ill forgo it for defensive stats and if im in a pure speed efficiency mode Ill run the movespeed because I already have way more damage then I need tbh.

If you wanted to run aspect of the shark, this is what you tree would likely look like:


Leveling with this build, lvl 50 so far and it’s going great!

The only problem I have is the annoying Tornado sound always active :sweat_smile:

Two quick questions:

1 - Wild Calling (spirit wolves chance with Swipe, on Swipe talent tree): are these 3 points really worth? We could get more crit chance, or more dmg+leech.

2 - The 8 points in Shaman passive tree for physical penetration and attunement. We could get penetration + leech in Druid tree (Blood Claws) even tho it’s 2% less. Is the attunement giving something at all for us?

So with tornado, it can 100% be swapped out, its probably one of the least important aspects of the build.

  1. wild calling is absolutely insane and I would never get rid of it in this build. It amkes your AOE WAY larger and they do 2x the damage of your swipe.
  2. The reason I went for the shaman points is that the physdical penetration applies to you wolves as well making it much more efficient and we already have such an insane amount of leech that we don’t need it at all from the druid tree . When I run arena, I use entangling roots from the druid tree and will take 5 points in the physical penetration in the druid tree to get that. It basically comes down to arena vs monolith for me
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Sorry for asking probably silly questions, but I don’t understand why we take “Raging Frenzy” in Warcry tree? We always have Frenzy from the totem no?

Minor question, is -50% cooldown worth over it cannot stun anymore? Thanks in advance!

I found myself moving out of range of the totem quite often due to how fast we were killing stuff and moving so for most packs of enemies I either dropped a totem OR used warcry so because of that the frenzy is very useful. Besides, what else are you going to grab? nothing else in the tree is compelling. And the CDR is very much important. We have such an insane amount of stun from aspect of the lynx that we dont car at all about losing it off warcry

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Is there a reason you don’t go into howl buffs in the wolf skills? Seems like it would be pretty good.

Sorry new here and trying to understand some of the mechanics and decisions behind them. :slight_smile: