MBC full metal feedback 0.9

This is my feedback. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

TLDR: I am having a great time playing, but it is still clear this game is in beta. EHG has been great at communicating their vision and the community is clearly hungry for this title to succeed. With some more polish the future is very bright.
Overall Grade: A-

The below issues are in no particular order. Just things I noticed given a fresh reset. The purpose of this is to call out game systems opposed to individual skills, and while it might sound negative please realize the “A-” grade above is not easily achieved from me. Patch 0.9 cements LE on the Mt Rushmore of top ARPGs currently on the market.

  1. Loot
    It feels to me like filters are being leaned on a bit too heavily to address an item drop system that needs a facelift. At its best the game’s natural loot experience should be playable, and filters should be the icing on the cake to make sure you only see items you personally care about. Right now the text explosion without a loot filter is a bit absurd, which will definitely turn off more casual players that want to just jump in and play. Just ask a simple question: “Is it impossible for a piece of gear to ever compete with a remotely well rolled rare (18+ total affix level)?”. If the answer is no it is at the very least arguable whether that item should ever be dropping.
    To be clear, I’m not talking about drop rates overall for desirable gear. Just the pure amount of irrelevant “stuff” (any normal item, any total affix level under 4, etc). Also, on a side note I’d really appreciate the ability to make the loot text be a bit larger for certain items making them easier to click.

  2. Quests
    I have a list of uncompleted quests staring me in the face whenever I log on, and I’ve noticed the same for multiple other people who stream the game. While it would be nice to have the ability to abandon/hide these quests I think the better solution would be to give more side quests a sense of identity. Gold/exp is a basic quest reward, but I would love to see a bit more creativity injected into the initial leveling experience. Considering these are activities each character can only perform once I really don’t see the drawback of offering a jaw dropping reward occasionally. The idea of quest chains that build to something meaningful is one possible direction (i.e. MMOs). Alternatively, Diablo 2 offers imbues, hellforge, and socket quest as highlights to any leveling run. Leverage the team’s creativity to come up with something whacky and replace filler quests with something the player looks forward to. For example, a blank crafting base (no implicit) with 50 forging potential.

  3. Difficulty
    I don’t know the meta at all, so it is certainly possible that my glacier sorcerer is a pretty OP spec. But I’m coming up on 20 hours played and completing my first pass on monoliths leading up to empowered monos, and I can confidently say that I was not remotely challenged a single time. It is always an open question at what point players should face real obstacles, and whether or not they should be opt-in only. I also understand that generally speaking ARPG players like to faceroll content. It is sort of implicit to the genre. I’m not saying LE should be Dark Souls, but as a comparison point I usually have to start making smart decisions in PoE around yellow maps. I have multiple tools available to me when I make these decisions, so the reward feels more earned. If the default state of the game is owning everything until super late game, that takes away a bit from the experience to me.
    This concept could be weaved into the above point about filler quests in that an abnormally hard foe could inject a campaign playthrough with a big reward. There are a million different ways this can be adjusted, but at the core I just feel a bit unfulfilled during leveling since my success didn’t take any discipline/intelligence to attain.

So there it is, my top 3 areas I feel could use improvement. In most cases I think a very light touch could make a world of difference and I hope it at least gets devs thinking critically about these underlying systems. I hope there are continued efforts to address seemingly small issues (i.e. how often normal items drop) so the game feels more polished for 1.0. Whether all or none of these points are considered moving forward I will still continue to enjoy LE and look forward to what EHG has planned for the future. Cheers!

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