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Maybe too few Pannion drops

Unsure it’s a bug, but I was surprised Pannion dropped so few things. Usually, it’s more than double.
As you can see bottom left I checked the loot filter, it’s not the issue. In fact, I had no loot filter yet.

Had similar with Pannion. I have also had a similar issue like this with other bosses in the Campaign and even in the Monoliths… Sometimes even the chest reward at the end of the monos even though I have done a decent clear…

I have always just shrugged it off to the RNGods hating me - it doesnt happened that often, but often enough to remember… It really is noticeable & odd when you get a few minor drops from a boss / end of mono chest…

Maybe the function/calc has an outlier result that sometimes triggers crappy drops in quantity/quality.

note: Like you, I have also made sure there are no lootfilters hiding things.

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