Maybe in 2022? Year 3? Can we please, PLEASE, I'm on my knees begging you with TEARS IN MY EYES, P-L-E-A-S-E close the text input after I hit enter?

When I hit enter to open a text dialogue, type it out, then hit enter to submit it, I am done.

I don’t ever, EVER in ANY UNIVERSE need that dialogue box to stay open, forcing me to either;

  1. Hit enter again (Which constitutes a completely useless redundant button press, closing something that should already be closed, making me double tap on submission, which is counterintuitive with every single other game on the market with a chat box, getting in this habit just for LE is gonna cause this problem to appear in every other game I play.)
  2. Type this: “qqwwweqweqweeqwwqeeqwr111`1111111111111211111111212121112211” while I die.

This is the #1 thing, actually probably the only thing, I absolutely hands down makes-me-wanna-throw-up-in-my-mouth hate about this game.

For the love of gaming, EHG, please. This is ridiculous.


Yes, but the other side of this is that it’s nice to not have to hit enter twice when you want to chat. Ideally it’d be an option so that if one has a tendency to type stuff in chat in unsafe areas (we’ve all done it) you can have control of your character with the keys immediately after hitting enter while if you wait till it’s safe to chat then you can keep going if you want.

That said, if you click with the mouse on screen it auto-closes the text box (or at least it disables it for text entry).

I hear what you’re saying, and I think having it as an option (with the box closing on submission being the DEFAULT) would be fine, but in reality that’s not so much an “other side” as it is finding what shred of a silver lining is available in an objectively malfunctioning mechanic.
This is not a chat program with gameplay attached, and I feel confident in saying that nowhere in the annals of video-game-chat history did anyone ever ask “When I’m done typing, please make me press another ancillary button before returning to the game, the game which is designed to kill me swiftly at every turn. It will make it far more convenient to have conversations while I’m not engaged with the actual content.”
I have been gaming for 20+ years and I cannot recall a single other game that didn’t simply exit the dialogue input after submission, and again after 1500+ hours in LE I find it screwing me up in every other game that I play, double tapping enter out of habit.


listener.add(onMouseClick()) {

EHG, you’re welcome.

For what exactly?

That was meant for EHG Devs… :slight_smile:

Translation: as soon as you start moving (i.e. mouse click to move) it blurs (unfocusses) the chat window.

  • If you are doing a ton of chat, the window stays open and you can chat a lot, no extra ENTER key
  • If you chat once and then go back to playing, it automatically de-focusses.

Ah, I see. I think it already does this on mouse click, but to me that’s not much different than having to hit enter. The box should auto-close on second press of Enter and no other input needs to be involved. You should be able to hit Q,W,E,R and 1 just as easily as a mouse click. “I have typed so I must move my character” isn’t a good compromise.

For you perhaps, but I really like not having to double tap Enter to chat. So from my point of view, it’s not scrabbling round for a silver lining.

True, but that & your original post begs the question of why you’re trying to chat in an unsafe space when you know the game is going to try to kill you!

As have I, but I’m moderately sure that Sacred 1 & 2 worked like this & I can’t remember about PoE. PoE definitely keeps the chat window more visible for a while after you’ve typed something but that’s not necessarily the same thing.

Chat is already “deselected” when you mouse click elsewhere as I mentioned in my original reply & I don’t think chat being fully visible rather than blurred out or whatever is really the OP’s issue.

This is to an extent an issue of his own making (typing while not in a safe place), but it’s not an unreasonable request by any stretch. I just don’t want to go back to the “bad old days” of having to double tap Enter to continue chatting because other people want to chat during the middle of a boss fight. :wink:

if (inAdventureZone()) { // campaign or mono or arena

There ya go. :slight_smile:

When Multiplayer hits and people need to communicate in dungeons, we’ll see how many people are hyped about ease-of-conversation-in-safe-spaces versus common sense.


True, but they’ll learn fairly quickly. Like texting while crossing the road…

But that’s what it used to do & that would make me sad since I want to carry on chatting 'cause it’s safe.

Maybe chuck in something to check for the nearest mob being offscreen & whether or not the character’s taking damage or incoming fire (spires or mobs-which-would-totally-never-use-a-skill-from-offscreen-like-the-unmentionable-Ospryx).

Can I give half a heart?

Wait, LE can detect if “you’re in combat” (Spires, the Rage node for out of combat, etc.).

So, just have it auto-close when “in combat” ?

It doesn’t though, both the Rage node & spires are “if you’ve used a skill recently” not “if you’re in/out of combat”. Both will “trigger” on using a portal via the T key & the Rage node triggers when you get a proc. Both would also not trigger if you had some uber-tanky character that could just AFK & not die (since you wouldn’t be using skills).

Similar issue was in “new world”. you press enter to open chat window, then you press enter to close it. But you have to press enter to send message. It was a mess.

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WoW as I remmeber some stupid deaths by this. Probably some other MMOs.

When I played WoW, we had a running joke:

Q: How do you know you’re about to die?
A: Your healer says “111112222222211111333333331111111”



This is the main thing for me. It is somewhat annoying for sure and don’t enjoy the chat interactive window, especially while playing in a heat of the moment fight.

That’s kinda what Llama8 does with his replies. It’s not helpful.

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I think this can be saved for the MP rollout. I do not use the chat in SP, what’s the point? Having a toggle option of three different modes to suit different tastes is probably the best solution.