Matchmaking Issue - Update

Matchmaking Issue - Update

Hey everyone, quick update here.

We are working internally on two different solutions in parallel. First, a partial-solution that will improve matchmaking success rate. Second we are working with our service providers to address what we believe to be the root cause of our issues that is inhibiting matchmaking.

We are overwhelmed with the surge of excitement today, and thank you for your continued patience as we fix the issue effecting player connectivity. We are working hard to get you online as quickly as possible.


Why do you only update here and Twitter? Would be nice to have updates on the Steam forums as well.

Because this is their forum?


It’s literally a Steam game, and the Steam forums are the most active for their players. We shouldn’t have to go to 3 different sources to get news. It should be wherever we are. It would take them 0.2 extra seconds.

They didn’t even announce the 0.9 patch in news on Steam, lol. They spammed all week with things in it, but no announcement when it came. Yeah obviously a lot of people knew, but a lot of people didn’t either.

And also a lot of Steam users didn’t know to check here or Twitter for updates yesterday, imagine how frustrated they were!

They are just a teensy bit busy at the moment. I believe they do normally post on the Steam forums for those unable to come here, use discord or twitter, etc. To think some people complain about them using other places to communicate with their players (though to be fair, he is a fairly grumpy Aussie).