Mastery Unlock is VERY Underwhelming

Basically the title. I played this game extensively in beta. There used to be a quest where you fight shades of yourself to get to your mastery. It was basicly just walking through to your mastery, fighting shades along the way and seeing statues of the mastery classes. You would select the different statues and get the flavor texts and then select your mastery.

EHG opted to remove this. Leaving the mastery selection and power up very underwhelming. I would love to see this brought back and be expanded upon. Doesn’t need to be extravagant. But if I am receiving a lost power from a bunch of my past selves. This should feel cool and impactful.

I have brought quite a bit of new players to the game and they all share the same sentiment.
A cool way to do this imo is use a variation of the arena champions that we fight in the dungeons and build on that or us multiple. That way we feel like we are actually gaining this powerful. Instead of just talking to an npc selecting an option and g2g.

This would bring a lot of weight to the mastery we select and build into that fantasy.

You walked from start to finish, ignored everything and read through outdate fluff texts.

That’s why EHG removed it and opted into what there is now. Iirc this is a placeholder for now untill they come up with a more fitting experience. Maybe I’m wrong and they scraped it all togheter? I’m not sure.

The old version was just the most useless thing I encountered in LE and I realy don’t miss it. I think there is an opportunity to do it better then it was or is but that’s most likely happening in the far future if ever.


I agree the old version wasn’t great. Was mostly giving context to people who were not around then. But I think the opportunity was there to do something cool while leveling and getting your mastery. now it is just spam click the text decide on mastery and go. I think it does the new player experience a disservice. I hope they revisit it and do it some justice. Especially since mastery is one of the only permanent decisions in the game it should mean something more when you select it.

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