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Mastery Tree Points Bugged

Hey so, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that when you respec points on the mastery tree they can be reallocated, BUT the tree that you place them in doesn’t count as you adding more points. This caused an issue of me trying to respec some points out of my sorcery to my mage tree, but them when I wanted to move more points around it would not allow me to do so because it reads that I only have 20 still even when I had something like 23-25.

Best wishes and love the game <3

Mastery Bug:

Moving thread to Bug Reports.

Update: This is working as intended. The number shows how far up a class’s passives you have advanced, which is capped for mastery classes you haven’t chosen to focus on.

Thank you for the report!

I believe the bug here is actually that the game never shows a number higher than 20 when displaying the number of points invested into a base class. We’ll get this fixed up. :slight_smile:

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