Mastery Suggestion - Madman

Hello All,
EHG has confirmed we will get new classes/masteries at some point and I wanted to make a suggestion.
I call this mastery - The Madman
Base Class: Primalist
Madman Passive Bonus:
Madman is able to dual wield all one handed weapon melee weapons receiving a bonus based on type.

  • Maces - Melee attacks now all have a chance to cause Frailty
  • Daggers - Increased Crit chance
  • Axes - Increased chance to bleed & duration
  • Swords - Increased Physical Melee Damage
  • Sceptres - Increased Penetration
    Major Passive Nodes
  • Berserker: For every % below the resistance cap of 75%, the Madman receives 1% bonus damage & .1% bonus penetration of the same damage type.
  • Last Stand: For every 3% health the Madman is missing, increase melee attack speed by 1% & melee leech by .5%.
  • Goliath: For every point of Strength, Madman receives the following bonuses to applicable skill types:
  1. Area skills - 1% Added area size
  2. Physical Skills - +1 Melee/Spell Physical Damage
  3. Minion - 1% Attack/Cast Speed & Health
  • Grappling Hook - Madman throws a grappling hook that can pull enemies to him, it can also be spec’d to split and pull multiple enemies at once. It may proc the Fury Leap skill tree which will pull the Madman to the enemy instead. Default Grappling Hook scaling tags would be Physical, Area, Movement, Strength & Dexterity. Skill can be converted to Poison, Cold or Lightning.
  • Mad Strikes - The Madman shouts and then unleashes a devastating series of strikes. By default the number of strikes will be 5, and each strike will do MORE damage. Additional strikes can be added however each strike will still do increased damage, but at a lesser increase. Strikes can be removed to make each strike do more damage. It can be channeled at a high cost of health lost per second. Default Mad Strikes scaling tags would be Physical, Melee, Channeled & Strength.
  • Boulder Smash - The madman smashes his weapons into the ground and pull a giant boulder from the depths of the earth. The boulder rolls forward dealing damage & shattering armor of all enemies it hits. The boulder can be spec’d to splinter upon contact and form additional smaller boulders which seek further enemies in random directions. Additionally, due to it’s size/mass, it can create aftershocks along it’s path every second that scale with the Earthquake tree. Boulder Smash scaling tags would be physical, melee, area, strength & attunement. It can be converted to Cold.
  • Ravager Form - The Madman transforms into a human-esque form known as the Ravager. While in this form, the Ravager loses health per second, but gains increased life leech. If life reaches zero, the Ravager form ends and the player is shifted back to human form with low-health. The Ravager form will have the following sub-skills:
  1. Spinal Tap - Movement skill where the Ravager disappears and re-appears at the base of a thorny spine that has shot up from within the earth. The spine will fire thorns and scales with the Summon Thorn Totem tree. It will look similar to the Spriggan movement skill from the ring that lets you gain movement from Vines.
  2. Whirling Dervish - Channeled melee skill that causes the Ravager to spin wildly. Can be spec’d to proc Grappling Hook using the skill tree (if Grappling Hook is spec’d to pull enemies). Additionally, it can be spec’d to spawn tornadoes that scale with the Tornado skill tree
  3. Ravaging shout - Ravager releases a battle shout that shatters armor and stacks slow to any enemy within it’s range. Ravaging Shout is effected by the War Cry tree and scales as such.
  4. Beastial Strikes - A series of melee strikes that stack bleed, increasing the number of stacks per strike on the same target.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got on it for now. Hope y’all like the idea and of course I’m open to ways to improve it.

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