Mastery rollback option

With over 300 hours in this game i’ve created and played a few characters. But one of the things that i find a little frustrating is having to start a new character to try each mastery - which takes a few hours each time of playing the same old missions over and over and over.
It prevents exploration and build experimentation. I understand that mastery is supposed to be all about committing to a build, but how do you really know what the build/mastery is that you are committing to until trying it and then finding its maybe not so great.

The solution? Maybe a in game respec potion that drops at certain parts of the campaign or something much smarter?

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The devs have always said in the past that they view the mastery as the class. So while players may take the view that they’re selecting their class at the beginning, the devs take the view that the class isn’t fully chosen until we select a mastery.

They’ve also always said that they don’t have any intention to change that, but never say never.

thanks, thats an interesting approach by the devs.

but the issue remains that mastery (or your ultimate class( is a closed book until you try it and then youre stuck with it on that character for better or worse.
Unless you go with online guides to try and prevent wasted time which (having researched teir lists and best/worst masteries) seems that 2/3 out of each ‘class’ option is unplayed and just not worth selecting. Which sucks if you selected them without knowing first…

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Kinda yes & it’s more of an issue for some classes (shapeshifting druid) than others does to “game changing mechanics” only being available in the mastery tree (the various forms). They do try and provide access to the basic game lay (ie, minions, melee, spells, etc) from the base class to provide you with a rough idea of how it would feel if you chose the appropriate mastery.

I’m not sure I’d entirely agree with that personally. If you lean towards the “just having fun” side of things then I think all masteries are “viable” (assuming the play style matches what you want), but if you lean towards the min-maxing “efficiency” side of things then yes, some masteries will be less effective/efficient/capable than others & this is broadly something the devs are aware of, though they’re targetting 300 corruption as a benchmark & there will always be outliers that can go (much) further.

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