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Master's Burning Ground Paladin Build

Well posting this so it’s out in the world despite the major changes coming soon, my build that I’ve been optimizing for a while now. Here’s the build planner: Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner

You don’t HAVE to have Rahyeh’s light and could substitute it for a shield with high Healing Effectiveness (HE). Idea behind the build is you utilize volatile reversal to recover mana and get a nice movement speed boost, spam multiple layers of Consecrated Ground, keep up 4 sigils at all times, and keep attacking with Vengeance. Vengeance use is very important as it allows you to build up fire resist shred on enemies around you, keep ~30% DR buff, and a 100% global damage buff. You want to hit enemies with vengeance every 2 secs or so. Despite the challenges Judgement faces(or perhaps because of them) with its current state I managed to clear 190 Arena waves with it.

Hope you all like the build!



I usually don’t support build guides, but i definitely support any kind of Hipster builds :smiling_imp:

Maybe Judgment will receive some love, because with the teaser we got, that sentinel will receive new skills, we might also see some overhauls/reworks


I appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Was trying to make the skill strong but I’m not sure it’s possible at this point lol. It does sound like they are making major changes to Judgement so the setup I posted won’t matter much after next patch, but if possible, I will update the build - assuming that the skill still functions somewhat similarly to how it does now.

The devs already said Judgement will have a rework, but unsure it will be in next patch.

Yep. I just hope it is next patch

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