Marrow Thief node in Bone Curse and Bone Armor node in Transplant incorrectly say that Bone Armor gives armor when it does not

The Marrow Thief node in Bone Curse is supposed to have a chance to trigger Bone Armor when you kill an enemy affected by Bone Curse. However, this never happens. (Actually a tooltip bug, see edits below)

Video testing:

As you can see, although I kill many enemies under the effect of Bone Curse, my armor never changes from its starting value. If this effect has a 30% chance to trigger on each kill, it should be vanishingly unlikely for it to fail to trigger after this many kills.

edit Looking at the Bone Armor buff on LETools, I see that it doesn’t list anything about increasing armor, only the % less damage taken effect.

So perhaps what’s going on isn’t that Bone Armor is failing to trigger, it’s just that the tooltip for Bone Armor is incorrect and it doesn’t actually grant any armor. If this is the case, some indication that your character has Bone Armor would be an important thing to add.

edit 2 Confirmed that this is just a tooltip bug. Bone Armor does have an indicator, it’s just extremely hard to see (it’s a ring of tiny bones floating around your character’s waist during the effect).

Here’s video demonstrating that the character does actually receive the buff (see the tiny bones floating around my waist when I’m zoomed in?):

So the actual fixes needed here are:

  • Correct the Marrow Thief node’s tooltip (it claims Bone Armor gives armor, but it doesn’t, just % less damage taken)
  • Correct the Bone Armor tooltip in Transplant (same error)
  • Add a buff icon for Bone Armor so that you don’t have to zoom in and find the tiny bones rotating around your character to be able to tell that you have the buff.

Log file attached.

Player.log (921.5 KB)


Thank you for this as I had the same concern as you!

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