Marrow Shards Simp/Enjoyer Here

TLDR: Marrow Shards still outdated lol. This nobody is disappointed. Update good. Neglect bad. Thanks EHG :slight_smile:

Warning: Just a bit of rant ahead.

“Hundreds of Balance Changes”. If you see it, congratulations, we’re thinking of the same thing. When I saw the patch notes a few days ago, I really wanted to think they just forgot to include it as it was being used in the trailer like I said in my reply from the official thread. And I wanted to think THERE’S NO WAY they left this thing untouched when a decent amount of older or a bit later skills finally got their deserved changes. And I couldn’t be more wrong.

This is the very first thing I checked when I logged in and got really disappointed. Of course I’m happy with the update as it has a lot of the stuff I was waiting for. And of course, I know these will be updated eventually, just a shame it wasn’t included in today.

New content is of course always welcome (we love it), but please do not neglect old stuff (like really old stuff) for way too long. I hope to see more balance changes in the next major patch as it could be a very bad experience using outdated stuff or even new stuff that performs very bad.

Thanks EHG for the hard work.