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Markswoman need some love

Hi i have tried many diffrent builds for markswoman but nothing can compare to the power of da builds or multishots the skill i have epxerimented the most whit is cinderstrike thx to it has ignite crit elemental and throw nodes. no matter how you build it it falls of in dmg compared to da and multishoot. the ignite node need buff for it to work the %inc in ignite dmg is to low so not worth to go it. the only way i have find cinderstrike be good is going full crit but if i do that i can just go da or ms.

i have tried puncture for bleed and poison but the scaling feels to slow compared to go a bleed build as blademaster and use on of the bleed axes. i have even treid to go whit the quiver Troaka’s Teeth and did a cold build whit the bow Reign of Winter. i did more dmg whit the frostbite debuff on puncture thx to the quiver converts bleed to frostbite but it still didnet feel good for bosses or hige health enemis. poison da can work but it need time for it to scale upp for its dmg.

i have tried to use shurikens as markswoman thx to the dmg inc form the pasiv but blademaster is stil better for shurikens thx to the shadows can use it. if you go flurry as main dmg skil you can just go the multishot build insted thx to its better for clear and dmg. i wont mention hail of arrow thx to its jsut a ailment/shred skill in my eyes or dark quiver thx to its rly clunky.

now for talents the tree has eitehr crit side or elelemental side. the crit side is far the best for markswoman and the dmg inc from elemental arrow feels like it does nothing to inc the dmg of fire or lightning skills. then you have other talents that are good like the speed increases dot dmg and bow dmg. in my opinion elemental arrow need some love it seems like a fun idea.

overall i rly love markswoman and the idea behind hear but some stuff need some tweeeks to make more skills viable. a sugestion when you realses falconer culd be to make markswoman focus on more range stuff and mby throw in shurikens there so markswoman is the dedicated range option and falconer can be the hybrid of range and mele. in that way throw builds can mby get some more love for rogue or if they make the traps from falconer be throwskills they can put in shurikens to falconer.

wuld love to hear your ideas so we can make this class better and have more options for builds when the game realeses.

Hi, thank you for your feedback, I admit not having tried the marksman too much, at the moment I am trying a fairly classic Flurry-based build. I have a hand against playing the bladedancer a lot, 1 shuriken poison, 1 Flurry crit, 1 Shadow cascade and I would like to try a shadow dagger. In short, clearly without even having played the marksman I just find the bladedancer much more attractive and have a lot more possibility of nice builds, Marksman it’s true seems limited to 1 or 2 viable builds at most.

Yeah I feel the same too, I played 3 builds of marksman (bleed hail of arrow, channeling flurry multi shot and ballista) then I releveled another character and tried out blade dancer and it blow marksman out of the water.

I’m easily doing empowered monoliths now on my lvl 90 BD while my almost lvl 100 marksman was struggling on non-empowered ones.

The only way I got my MM to work was HoA fire, cinder strike, and rapid flurry with crit and leech/mana recovery.

My Marksman was so easy I didnt even remember leveling one to 93

Lots of builds dont have much viability between skills. especially in Empowered monoliths with 150+ Corruption. way way less build variety than PoE and people complain only ‘meta’ builds can beat the end game there