Marksman needs some serious rework

Imo the whole Marskman class is a mess or lets say it has no option to be played as a classical archer/Hunter/etc. build.

What i tried to achieve the last few days was to create something like a ice shot or lighnting shot build from D2/PoE and i failed miserably. Detonating arrow with lightning has scaling potential in theory but it lacks an significant unique or other ways to scale it. Its ok for trash mobs but once you fight a boss the dmg is just poor. Ice shot is even worse… while you have some uniques for it the passive tree is just bad for it. It again sucks vs bosses. The only viable skill which is not melee seems to be traps with blast rain.

A marksman should fire arrows…yet the strongest build is a melee trap build…
Afaik multishot is bugged.
HoA is somehwat scalable but i hate the gameplay of it because of the delay.
Same for blast rain traps…its dmg is good but the daily (firing in the air first) just feels bad.

Imho a marksman should be a quick class with high dmg and little survivabilty. Right now it feels super squishy in high level monoliths and yet doesnt do enough damage.

I also feel like it has bad idols to scale or damage or any proc support like paladin has with smite for example

If i missed something and some1 actually made it work let me know. I´d bne more then happy…if not…it needs some serious rework


Strongest build is absolutely not a melee trap build. There’s tons of great top tier bow builds, explosive trap blast raining, detonating arrow reign of winter, shotgun multishot, just to name a few off the top of my head.

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check the leaderboard…almost all are melee detonating arrow trap builds with Jelkhor.
Like said blast rain is good dmg but feels awfull to play. Detonating arrow reign of winter has bad dmg vs bosses and is so much worse than blast rain reign of winter its not even close. Didnt see a shotgun multistrike build yet (do you have a guide?) and afaik the skill is bugged.
I am not saying marksman has no good builds im saying it lacks classical arrow shooting builds like ice shot or lightning arrow etc… something that is quick

As a fellow marksman player and bow enjoyer, i have to agree with everything op said. Jelkhor trapper is by far the best mm build atm, DA and multishot (bugged channel flurry doesnt count) dont even come close to what is possible with all the other classes and builds.
The mastery is so underwhelming since 0.9 that its almost not fun anymore to play.


yeah… there is sooo little synergie… i mean if you want to play reign of winter with mourningfrost and troaka or arrowguard you can play DA cold convert for example. But almost all the scaling on the tree is chill and not dmg. The passive the is also strange. You have elemental arrows but it only sclaes lightning and fire dmg, why? It still works for trash…but like said once you hit a boss blast rain does so much more dmg its like x40…

Then you have bow slike long shot which increases the dmg of puncture and increases fire, lightning and cold damage but puncture cant be converted to ele.
I just feel like we need some more unqies, idols that proc something or some passive reworks…

I already pushed my own Reign of winter Marksman over 500 corruptions this season, and I think it could be more higher but I also can see the limit is way lower than other popular class right now. Cuz if u do really check the passive tree its just like so outdated, the fun/stupid/crazy truth is the most powerful marksman build with lighting traps right now actually take ZERO marksman passive tree points, they pick marksman just for get DA ability.

IMO as a bow-ranger the the only ability you wanna get is Barrage of Pain and Sharpshooter, and you still need to waste a lot of unnecessary point to get it. Concentration is kinda meh but fine for now, imo the biggest problem is the Element Arrows and Arrow Storm both need some decent rework, I mean just look at the falconer tree, if i have the Impossible Escape jewel from POE i will immediately just jump into their node which helps a bow-ranger even more.

Another fun fact for cold convert-bow is not just the lacks of supports for Element Arrows, the cold-Penetration affixes on bow is also the only element penetration that missing and it’s very strange cuz Reign of winter seems like already very few bow build that works right now.

Overall, I think EHG knows well about the outdated skill tree problem, we can only look forward some good news soon. Just sharing my opinion for a bow lover from Taiwan ( sorry for some bad grammar xdd ). Cheers!

Made a markman today. I was super excited to try something new after lvling up a 100 beastmaster with squrriels and crows, lol. No more pets. Anyways, I started off with this build as a base

Marksman, level 82 (Release / 1.0) - Last Epoch Build Planner (

Then I took out smoke bomb and put in hail of arrows. Well, I use smoke bomb but no skill points invested. The damage is amazing. I went from 0 to finishing the story and doing monos in a few hours. Between flurry, multi-shot and hail of arrows, it’s very dps friendly.

The idea behind it is the classic ranger.

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wait until you hit empowered mono bosses :smiley:

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This is a content creator I trust on this mastery. Mobile ranged bow is my favorite archetype in ARPGs and it seems like LE and D4 both do them a bit of injustice. I have faith that MM will be drastically improved overall in LE though.


Hard agree, Marksman is way too reliant on procs for damage and does not get much in terms of defense. They have continuously nerfed Arrowguard quiver(again for Falconer release) which is already pretty much necessary on Marksman since the class has no defense passives (Bladedancer has the lowlife passives and/or dual swords with dusk shroud on melee hit to get GB cap and Falconer has GB and block support). Its SAD that the strongest build on the main BOW focused mastery is just ignoring bows and going melee.

This is probably my biggest dissapointment with LE since I really enjoy bows in other games (Tshot, Lightning arrow, Ice shot in PoE, Hera/Rama bow in Hades, Strider in Dragon’s dogma, etc.)

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It’s sad no one is playing them. It’s such a fun class. Having more cooldowns might help. Shift is a great power that could be used more often.

yeah…if you look at something like this: the marksmak just looks poor…

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One thing I noticed helping, is that if you play more like Space Invaders, you do much better. Stay at the very bottom of your screen and keep monsters as far as possible away. I’m watching some people play and they’re shifting into the middle of packs and shoot from the inside. Stay back, dont stand in the same spot for more than a second, stuff like that.

I really dont understand why there cant be a viable cinder strike build on marks. Dragonsong seems like it makes it possible but the survivability to make it past reign of dragons is laughable.

Id also like to point out, the lack of scaling on passives, and the need to constantly proc everything instead of just being scaler.

There is a build with Dragonsong, that can get you to ~1k corruption with good gear. Snoo is playing it. It scales with the Mourning frost and tons of dex

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yeah its basically the same as all mourning frost type builds though. For what hes doing would rather just run jelkor fire

The shotgun build is mediocre at best now…. OP is 100% dead right, marksmen does not feel authentic or good.

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Sorry man but it’s very easy to make mediocre builds feel good through the campaign and pre-empowered monoliths. The more corruption you push the more you’ll see how weak they are. Also it’s not saying they can’t be used, it’s they don’t feel as good and satisfying as many other good rogue builds and are much weaker in comparison.

I’ve pretty much played every mastery and build to some extent, I would say Marksman and Sorcerer have been the most lacking. However, Sorcerer just lacks some oomph and has to compete with two very strong masteries; Runemaster and Spellblade. Marksman, however, is just a mess.

First and foremost, Marksman needs baseline access to additional projectiles and pierce/chaining. I would say that Marksman mastery bonus of 50% increased damage, which is rather underwhelming, should be baked into the abilities, and then replaced by a passive that grants 1 projectile per X dex, 1 pierce per X strength, or 1 chain per X int with pierce overriding the ability to chain, capping at 2 or 3.

Detonating Arrow has decent scaling, but its arming time makes it feel rather awful to clear with, and most viable builds use it as an extension of traps. Its arming time should be removed, with a passive readding the arming time and increasing the damage done per arrow that hits the target during that period, giving it synergy with fast hitting single target abilities like Flurry.

Multishot has a decent skill tree but its scaling is complete ass, and it’s rather boring mechanically and visually. I would say the 35% more damage from Heavy Arrows needs to be baked into its scaling, with it and Toxic Gift being made into passives that give a chance for Multishots to be replaced by fire and lightning arrows that receive further scaling from passives like Fire and Steel.

Dark Quiver is currently one of the most useless and ill designed abilities in the game, but would be perfectly fine as a passive aura with buffed arrows generated over time, with its numbers tuned as a result. It could grant primarily physical/void/poison scaling baseline, improved and converted by the elemental arrow passives in the passive tree if the player wishes.

Hail of Arrows is ok, but its passives have too many draw backs in terms of duration and delay. It doesn’t feel good when almost every level of the ability also comes with some kind of draw back, but that could be said about most abilities in LE (which is probably my biggest complaint about the game).

Cinder Strike, when used by a bow, could have additional projectiles count as second/third attacks instead via the Overexertion passive. So with enough projectiles, a Marksman would shoot a first attack projectile in the center, with additional projectiles off to the side acting as the second/third attack. Cinder Strike has a lot of potential to be a fun fire bow build, but that 30 mana cost is nasty, and then slurps up another 5 passive points to be moderately efficient. That node should be reduced to 2 or 3 points while still remaining at a value of 60% or even more.

Flurry should be usable while moving at a penalty, have slight tracking, and have the ability to instead fire other specialized shots to improve its synergy and make it more visually appealing.

In the end, most bow abilities in this game feel like they require a ton of passives to even be usable and then still lack scaling or utility in the end. The power and synergy between abilities, compared to a mastery like Warlock, is just insane. Explosive Trap is the only ability with real potential and it technically doesn’t even belong to Marksman nor is it a bow ability.

As I like range style play roque in all games I found this build somewhat reliable:

But this not OP build to 600c+, but U can reliably play to 300c