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Marksman movement speed need's buff

is we see there is no buff " then haste " dat does a movement speed buff for the class , our movement speed is low and this doest not fit whit " ranger " becous the mobs easy get right close to you and there is no way to make a glasscanon build or improve our survival then " dodge" .

you can easily keep haste up 100% of the time while in combat with this node in the base rogue tree.

and there is a movement speed node in bladedancer that’s worth taking even though you don’t get the benefit of the melee damage that’s included, because if you get the above node, the increased movement speed is also increased damage for you

Marksman is already range an can clear stuff off-screen.

Rogue has the most and easiest ways to get haste and have a very high uptime on it.

On top of that Shift has 50% MS after using Shift for up to 1,5 seconds, which is insane., especially in conjunction with haste.

Neither Rogue nor Marksman need more MS.
They are already the most mobile class.

The druid cries in a corner. The paladin without something to lunge on went crazy years ago already.

There’s also Decoy if you want to keep stuff of you.

If you want, you can even get a backflip from Smoke Screen too.