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Marksman Leveling Guide 1-50


Guide Overview

Level 1


  • Flurry (Bow for ranged Sword/Dagger for Melee


  • No passives points yet
Level 4


  • Flurry 1 Point in Alacrity


  • 2 Points in swift assassin
Level 9


  • Flurry 2 More Points in Alacrity, 1 Point in Boundless Blows
  • Shift 1 point in Shadow Recuperation


  • 6 More Points in swift assassin
  • 1 Point in
Level 12


  • Flurry 1 point in Pavise
  • Shift 1 more point in Shadow Recuperation, 2 Points in jade quiver


  • 4 Points in steady hand
Level 16


  • Flurry 1 more point in Pavise, 1 point in Fusillade
  • Shift 2 points in jagged arrows


  • 1 Point in Guile
  • 1 Point in evasion
  • 1 Point in agility
  • 1 point in sapping strikes
Level 19


  • Flurry 1 point in deep strike
  • Shift 1 more point in Jagged Recovery
  • Cinder Strike 2 points in ignition and 1 point in inferno


  • 4 More points into sapping strikes
  • 1 point in dodge and parry
Level 24


  • Flurry 1 points in precision, 1 point in crescendo, 1 point in shockwave
  • Shift 2 points in momentum, 1 point in Lasting Presence, 1 point in swift recovery
  • Drop Smoke bomb for Shadow Cascade. 2 points in rapid expanse. 1 point in precision


  • 5 Points in Flow
  • 1 Point in Pursuit
Level 28


  • Flurry 1 point in precision
  • Drop Shift Specialize Multishot. 1 Point sniping 2 points pinning shots
  • Cinder Strike 4 more points in inferno


  • 5 Points Assassin’s quiver
Level 28


  • Flurry 2 more points in precision
  • Cinder Strike 2 points in incinerate
  • Multishot 2 Points in large quiver 1 more point in pinning shot 1 point in no easy way out


  • 6 points in Draining arrows
Level 34


  • Flurry 1 in incision
  • Shift 3 points in velocity 2 points into momentum
  • Cinder Strike 2 more points in incinerate 1 point in oil coating
  • Multishot 2 points in quick draw 1 point in back to back 1 point in repeater bow


  • 2 more points in draining arrows
  • 7 points in wound maker


  • Initially posted December 5th 2020. Build is currently viable for 0.8






Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together so you know what to aim for on gear that will help with your survivability through campaign.

Campaign Gear For Rogue Link


Thank you very much for the build, I’ve been working on mine and am lvl 20 atm but like to compare to see where others go. You are going a very similar route to me but I haven’t figured out the gear yet. In the link to the Tunklabs gear setup it shows sword and dagger instead of bows. Just curious what you use. I’m currently using the Hell Reach which I dropped very early on but am looking at replacing it with a Salvaged Bow.

Ah ill change that. Yeah the highest base bow with added fire added physical added will get ya clearing quick

Cool, thanks again.

What about speccing rentless and adrenalin rush on flurry to max out its attack speed. Sacrifie its own hit damage to pump out that procced multis faster?

Do the two work?
(want to test it myself but lacking a high level char testing such things cost a lot of time …)

What about sap willpower? is it 2 mana once per channel or 2 mana per hit mob?

its 2 mana per hit (not mob but per strike) can easily fill your mana up and keep it full. Until you take the added 15 mana a second for multishot addition. then your mana still goes down.

Adrenaline rush is ok IMO haven’t played around with it to much.

to make up for 20 mana per seconds you need 20/2 = 10 attacks per seconds…

Im not sure if this is possible?

For the multishot addition node yeah you wont get that much mana back.

I read the rentless node 3 times now and still dont really get what it does…

i channel my flurry and do 15 hits on a boss - do i get the full bonus or just one stack?
There is no recently in it so i guess there is no time limit.

Each flurry does 3 strikes. If your flurry hits 1 enemy with each strike you gain 2% attack speed per hit so 6% total, if you hit 2 enemies each time you get the max 10%. with 2 points you get 20% max attack speed.

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I think the node counts “a flurry” as the 3 hits that a normal flurry does, so if you’re channelling then it counts each sequence of 3 hits & gives the figures Boardman said.

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So at least 12% Attacks Speed for 2 points (1 mob) or 20% (2+ mobs hit). Sounds good. Thank you both of you.

I really want tooltips :frowning:

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Is there any formular for attackspeed of flurry?

Does the 3 flurry strikes take the same time to fire than 1 multishot e.g. or is there any penalty?

If there is no penalty it should be totaly possible to spam multi faster than firing it the normal way while saving tons of mana and talent points in multi tree … it sounds glorious. …

i need the kids in bed so i can play …

€dit: Jade Arrow from shift + channeled Flurry is “great” - it consumes one arrow if you start it … and never again as long as you hold the button … “100% uptime” of those babies.

A few points on this guide.

There are two level 28s listed. This guide also doesnt seem to account for player levels relative to story events. I had 7 or 8 passives built up waiting for getting marksman mastery.

At 19ish the words start to become sloppy and/or unclear. at least once you skip a node to recommend the node behind it.

The gear planner still had 2 melee weapons.

At level 24 you recommend taking shadow cascade which is a melee only ability.

And finally, a question, why do you put points in blade dancer tree when you dont have any listed for the final build under passives?


hey mate, did you carry on with the build ? if so what route did you end up taking…

Hmm yes I need to update this guide. Sorry when patch released i played and edited for 24 hours straight. Bd first then marksman I think I started losimg it around the 20 hour mark.

I carried on but 2 months later I domt remeber exactly. I have updated leveling guides that will be coming soon that go far beyoumd just the campaign.

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