Marksman leveling build at 60+

To be honest cannot find any usefull build guide for marksman leveling over level 55-60.
Till this point i have used multishot from boardman but that feels like a shit one due to last nerf to flurry.
Tried bleed puncture on my own but need some help.

Anyone able to give me some simple build guide? I’ve read about bleed puncture and umbral blades but cannot find any guide.

I want to reach the point when i will farm reign of winter bow and respec to bowmage.

Please… Any usefull guide?

Ok then. No legendary items. Which one should i follow? First time player. Comming from d3 over 10y.
Tbh I’ve seen all of them and nothing for newbie there

Build Creators usually bring up exalted or legendary gear in the gear planner to showcase the endgame version, which are usually not required to play a build unless they are clearly mentioned in the guide.
Normally i would recommend to just play around with different skills and mechanics by yourself to learn about the game.

But if you need a leveling tip i can recommend this:

One of the easiest and most effective leveling strategy i like to use (besides Umbral Blades because its broken anyways) is Bleed Puncture into Lightning Detonating Arrow once i spec into Marksman.
Bleed Puncture loses its dmg potential later on, but Detonating Arrow can keep up with dmg scaling in endgame content until you wanna spec into a different build.
No uniques or legendaries required!

You can pretty much copy BowMage passive trees and play pure Lightning Detonating Arrow until you farmed Reign of Winter.
The only thing that you need is a high base dmg bow like Longbow (lvl 50 requirement) / Dreadthorn Bow (lvl 58 requirement) crafted with either bow physical or bow fire dmg because of the 150% dmg effectiveness scaling from DA. You could also go Crit Multi on bow since the Wound Maker passive from Marksman technically alrdy gives you 100% crit chance on enemies where you need it.
For Detonating Arrow i would recommend to use a 0 Mana cost Mana Generator skill like Flurry + 4 points into Sapping Strikes (Rogue Mastery) or 2 points into Sap Willpower within Flurry tree, because DA will drain your mana pool.
Here is the leveling progress for Detonating Arrow:

You should not have any problems if you continue farming normal monolith timelines until you drop Reign of Winter. The dmg will bring you all the way until empowered monolith.

Thanks man. Really owe you a beer.
I would like to spec into Lizards Bowmage later so DA looks like good way to achieve that point. Besides DA… Just a Shift + Smoke Bomb + Shurikanes and bleed puncture is enough from you perspecive ?

I’ve read so many of your posts on this forum. Please undestand that everything here is new for us, newbies. Respecs are not free like in D3 so noone want to make any mistake.

I did not found any up to date guide how to level up as a Marksman. I love DH from D3, this is why I’ve chosen this class in LE :wink:
Trying everything for a first time so it’s not so easy like D3 :wink:

Beer is always good :slight_smile:
Yep, to make it more comfortable for you without respeccing too much later you can simply follow all the other skills skilltrees already.
You can swap Puncture for Flurry or leave it as a free Frenzy buff to get more attack speed for Detonating Arrow. Whatever you prefer. You said you are already lvl 55+? So normally bleed puncture falls off here and detonating arrow is more effective with dmg outcome.
Once you have no mana problems with Detonating Arrow you can swap Flurry or Puncture for Decoy, but you need to adjust your playstyle a bit or make sure to have enough mana regneration. Otherwise you will have problems.
But just try around, you cant do anything wrong since respeccing is free or costs not a lot of gold.

This is where I am: Marksman, Level 55 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Folowed Boardsman guide and the decided to try differernt things. Probably wrong. Did a repsec of Multishot and Flurry - probably my biggest mistake here… Now two slots empy tbh…

Gear looks fine, just try to get better prefixes (flat phys/flat fire bow dmg) on bow if you swap to Detonating Arrow.
For leveling i always focus more on dmg in the passives and spec into defenses later.
So i would skip the 6 points into concentration+meditation to put them into Wound Maker (100% crit).
Snipers Gambit gives good dmg, but is dangerous to take, i would put the 4 points out of it into Sharpshooter for massive increased dmg+5 into Death from Afar (dmg+crowd control). Then your next points should be 1 point into Barrage of Pain + 5 points into Perfect Aim. This should be enough Crit/increased dmg to bring you through normal monolith.
After that, focus on defense! Capped resistances, 100% Crit Avoidance, high life pool, dodge.

Sorry, sorry and sorry once again for wasitng your time.
This is 100% my build (just learned how to import my save game): Marksman, Level 59 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Previous one postet was a bad mistake from me - posted wrong link.
There are two empty slots - yesterday I’ve removed multihost and flurry - probably my mistake here. Was not able to manage mana with multi.

Will use DA as you advice. Any recomendation for 2nd skill?
As told before. Would like to respec into Lizards Bowmage once I farm a bow.

PS. Thank you again. This is very little comunity but seems very helpfull. Was thinking about yours HA build for leveling but that seems slow for a item farm on low level.

Gear looks better there, yeah.
I just respecced alittle bit to show you how i would set up for level 59 Marksman.
I would either go Flurry or Puncture as Mana generator and non-elemental Bow attack to abuse Fire and Steel Marksman passive to generate Elemental Arrows (massive dmg boost for DA)

So i only changed passives and the skills, either choose Flurry or Puncture whatever you prefer.
Other skills would be Shift/SmokeBomb/Shurikens or Decoy.

You are welcome.
I will start the HoA build when multiplayer launches. I usually level Bleed Puncture into HoA once i unlock it, and then immediately follow that build. Its pretty much the strongest build out there with Bowmage atm for Marksman, but a completely different playstyle and more about kiting. With DA or Bowmage you can quickly kill enemies and farm gear. HoA is more specific for different contents, but still my main char together with Dragonsong build.

Thank you. Will try that and let you know after few days.

PS. Any chance for EN discord or something? Found only German.

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Just use the official Discord Server from EHG. You can use the ‘‘ask the community’’/’‘ask the devs’’ or class related channels if you have any questions.
The german discord i run with 2 other guys to build up and help the german community.

Just got back to the computer. Saw @TriKster hooked you up!

As to the leveling. If you look at the guide link I send, there’s a check box you can click that are for leveling builds to only show. Several good marksman ones in there that can get you through campaign and into early monos for sure.

That’s for future note, though, because you’ve already got a solid plan. Happy gaming.

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That build gives so much fun. Very good dps. Good AOE from DA. Feels very smooth. Thanks for all tips!

Have few questions:

  1. Passive tree progression: Maxing Elemental Arrows, then Death from Afar. What should be next? Stack glancing blow chance maybe with Dodge and Parry as I already wear Arrowguard? Or maybe go dex with Focus Fire/Steady Hand?
  2. What stats should I aim on bow? Longbow with + X Bow Physical Damage, + X Bow Fire Damage, Stun/Slow chance for crowd control ? Or mauybe better to replace Fire Damage with Crit multi? Not sure how importand Fire dmg is for Elemental Arrows.
  1. After Elemental Arrows and Death from Afar i would recommend putting points into Thiefs Quiver to help out with your Health pool and leech.
    Then 1 point into Concentration and maxing out Meditation and Reflection for dodge and movespeed. I usually go Glancing Blow last on passive tree.

  2. You should already be able to farm Dreadthorn Bow. It has higher base attackspeed compared to Longbow and crit multi on implicit.
    Prefix either Bow Phys, Bow Fire or Crit Multi.
    Suffix Chill and Shock or Slow. Stun you alrdy get from passives, so i would go with shock since its one of the strongest ailments. Slow you could get on idols aswell. Chill is one of the best defensive stats, especially for ranged chars.

Every flat added dmg source is converted to lightning for detonating arrow with a 150% effectiveness. Thats why scaling flat dmg is so strong on skills like DA or HoA. In general flat dmg is one of your best dmg sources.

Me again with another question.
Have two bows. Left one seems better when trying on dummy or in monos (ofc on tooltips too).
73 vs 78 flat dmg in favor of right one. Seems that this this 78%+54% inreased lightning damage gives me just much more dps than 33% crit multi ?
Is my feeling and thinking correct?

PS. Very nice build. Lvl 73 currently and going to fight lvl85 mono boss now…

Depends on your chance to crit (Marksmen will have damn near 100% due to the crit vulnerability debuff they can apply), your crit multi (the base 200% means a crit does double damage) and the total of all applicable % increased damage modifiers from gear and passives (sadly the character screen will double count more generic modifiers, so if you had an x% damage modifier, that would get added in to every line on the character screen but only once in the damage calc).

If you don’t have any other sources of crit multi, that 33% would effectively give you 16.5% more damage (assuming you have 100% crit chance, which a MM should). For that to be more than the 78%+54% (132%) increased on the other bow, you’d need to have at least 800% total increased damage before equipping the bow. If you have less than that, then yes, the first bow would be better (ignoring the 5 less flat added damage).