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Marksman Flurry Physical Crit build

I have been playing through the game with this build from the start, and having an absolute blast! I wanted to share this rather simple build guide, which is essentially the endgame planner I used to build my filters.

This build is all about Slows, Stuns and Armour shred. The enemies are essentially locked in place, or crawling to you at a snails pace. This lets you reposition, and only need to use cooldowns for extremely aggressive packs with leap. It is a very easy build for controller play, which is how I primarily engage with the game.

There are two versions if the passive tree,
More AOE
Fully Flurry commit

Or instead of Vitality on gear, going DEX for ~400 less life:
Dex stacked AOE version

These planners gives you all the information you will need to get started!

I am using the First variant, since it gives me resisances while I fill out my gear slots. It also does better in arena since you have higher AOE dps, and clear very very fast since you can regain mana quickly.

Key features of the build:
3k health
Resistance Capped
Crit Immune
Deletes Bosses and Rares
Slows enemies
Stuns Enemies
Applies Frailty (damage reduction)
Applies Physical Res shred
Applies Armour Shred
MASSIVE life leech
Infinite Range
Dodge guaranteed through two sources
Invulnerable when dashing
Can use untalented Decoy
No required uniques

need to use Detonating Arrow for aoe clear
Can get blown up in arena when stunned
Requires high apm
Constantly repositioning, and smart gameplay

So lets go into why?
I wanted to see how crazy I could make the flurry skill perform, and my outcome was… fairly amazing. It’s a complete pleasure to play, with domination of the entire screen. You do not need to run past the mobs, you simply mow them down as you walk. It is extremely fast clear. It is also rather safe since everything is being slowed on hit with multiple sources of fast hits. Detonating arrow scales with the added damage, and provides great aoe clear to supplement the single target dps that flurry provides. This is also a bossing character! It does 120% more damage to rares and bosses with flurry.

Endgame dps:
With my mediocre gear at full stacks the build is doing guaranteed crits for over 20k per strike to the dummy, and there are uncountable numbers of projectiles firing per second. I honestly tried to do the math and I am unable XD. If I had to guestimate there are 10-12 projectiles per second at least, so at least 200k dps, which is multiplied against rares. This is the primary function of the build, blow up rares and bosses with no downtime. If I switched all my vitality on affixes to dexterity, I would be able to add 128% increased damage at the cost of 400-600 hp so this could definitely scale up even higher damage.

Generally you are running constantly forward, firing off detonating arrows into packs to clear them fast. Then you gun down the remaining mobs with flurry which is often the rare, and it just melts. For bosses, simply flurry until its dead! Use detonating arrow for clearing any adds. Boss fights are rather fast, and with how tanky you are, you should never die to getting caught in a mechanic or two.

For defensives you have the option to
Stand in place firing and use your guaranteed dodge every 10 seconds
Pop smoke bomb to force dodge an attack, and start building up dodge/glancing blow
Dash when about to take damage to become immune
Throw out the Decoy to take aggro

Take the hit and heal back to full through DPS! (try not to get stunned!)

If there is interest, I can make some videos to showcase the gameplay.

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i just wait here for video gameplay. thanks for sharing this.

Since I have posted this, I have discovered how to scale the damage immensely.

Here is the new build planner

Nearly all of the power comes from the idols! Armour shred duration and effect are special rogue specific stats, and they are very strong for this build. I was looking for how can I improve that aspect, and realized there are only three places to get the stat:
Helm, Chest, and Idols.
Luckily we can fit 4 large and 2 grand idols for an increase of:
80-216% chance to shred armour
108-268% shred duration
40-120% shred effect

so just from idols we can buff the shred by tons.

I made a video of an echo run, about 2 minutes to finish, and killing most of the trash I encounter. I am around 200 corruption so far, so still farther to grind :3 but it works well even with even more monster HP mods. Just be wary of the dodge mod, it really messes up the flow of your rotation :stuck_out_tongue:
My gear is really subpar, but I have most of the idols locked in! :smiley: So I just have to grind out more crafting bases and try to find the tier7 versions of the mods I need, on the bases I need :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here is the run and my mid range gear

There is quite a lot of room for improvement but it is fast and plays well on the controller! :smiley:

One thought I have had, is that the true damage is not from the massive single target physical damage, but the burst AOE lightning damage.

So swapping the physical penetration for lightning penetration, and physical damage for lightning on affixes, and it may work out even better for pack clear. So its something to mess around with :slight_smile:

In the video you can really see how the mobs are always either stunned, or running towards me slowed. And when I sit on a mob with flurry, its perma stunned. So ranged stun build works pretty decent! :smiley:

For anyone interested in some of the new uniques that might work well with this build, I made up a list here:

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