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Mark of Punishment and Mark for death spec?

So quick question. Does the Passive “Mark for punishment” trigger all the passives from Mark for death?
Like the Armor debuff and the Chill debuff?
If “MfP” doesn’t, is there a way to trigger it asside from casting it directly?

Yes, if Mark of Punishment triggers it will use your specialised Mark for Death.

There’s idols that give your minions a chance to cast Mark for Death, though I’m not sure if they would cast your Mark for Death.

Seeing mark of death is going to be removed next patch…
i wouldn’t start focussing a build on it.

As an aside, our current intention is to remove the Acolyte skill Mark for Death in Patch 0.7.9. Acolytes will receive a replacement skill, and the base effect of Mark for Death will continue to be available through alternative means - including Dread Shade’s specialization tree!

This makes me sad now
I understand that they don’t want a single skill to rule over all builds, but I was planning on using Bone prison and Sacrifice together, would have been nice.
I’ll have to explore the new Dread Shade, not sure if it will be as powerful.

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