Mark for death on barrel

Is there a use for Mark of death marking destroyable stuff like barrels and crates? I think it’s just a bug that should be fixed.

Wanted to share a picture but it’s apparently not authorized.

Destructables are treated as enemies in many ways by the game for technical reasons, which may change in the future. It’s not really a bug, but is a bit strange.

Users aren’t allowed to upload images directly to the forum due to storage concerns, but you are able to embed or link to images on other sites.

Yeah ive noticed this as well that destructible are indeed treated just like a normal enemy. You can even proc on hit abilities from them and everything. Thought that was a little odd myself when i first noticed it now it makes a lot more sense why this is the case.

Isn’t mark of death an AoE spell? So if I mark a barrel by accident who cares? Leave it like it is and make the toon shout “DIE BARREL!” when a marked barrel is hit ^^. I don’t see any harm there. It might look goofy sure it isn’t gamebreaking or am I missing something?

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