Maps resetting after area change

So after using town portals, or just moving to a new area and then back again when required, the mini map is completely reset, fog of war back in place, enemies respawned etc. It’s bad when just changing areas, but particularly bad when just using a town portal to go back and sell stuff, to then go back to where you were and be totally in the dark again map wise. I saw some posts from quite a while back, 9 to 12 months that state this is going to be changed, but having just bought the game it does not appear to have been fixed. Will it be done for 1.0? Loving the game though, and looking forward to full release.

I just ran into this. It’s horrible! I really hope they fix this as it really ruins the mood of the game.

Nope not fixed. Still happening. Also all monsters respawn after a visit to the town. Playing only in offline, and this is just a pain.
Still not even the safe areas/towns keep their map. Well done team, this is broken forever now and was promised to be fixed.