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Map system update

I may be one of the only ones who feel like this but I think this game could be amazing with eventual long branching paths and side quests and a huge explorable world. I think a good way to help encourage this would be to remove the names of nodes you have not been to yet as well as only show the connections of previous places you have been (and names) and all immediate connections to the node you are currently in.

That being said I know not everyone likes to meander and take in the world. There are arena junkies and I will accept them happily like all the rest. This game is amazing. I know they would probably prefer a system like the current one so you can fly through the required quests and land in the arena as quickly as possible.

I am curious as to where you guys plan on taking it or where you hope it goes?

(yes I know anything could change)

Personally I’d like to see the map presented in a world/region/local/time format as opposed to a chapter format. The chapter format makes it difficult for me to differentiate time and geography from the map formats I’m more accustomed to.

As far as exploration FoW I’d agree that showing all possible locations and their connections is a bit much, especially since that makes the map look more intimidating from the beginning.


I agree Geo’s idea make a lot of sense for LE. Do it devs!

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@Hackaloken is telling me not to leak things again :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Map UI update confirmed. Every time you enter a new zone a map will be physically mailed to you. This will simulate real life exploration as well as time dilation. Appropriately organizing said maps is up to the end user, giving LE the much needed puzzle content.


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