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Map Resets Causing Exploration Frustration

I’ve been having a blast with the new update. It’s really got me excited to see more. The only suggestion that kept coming to mind was the map reseting after each transition. The area’s that were cleared on the map reset after any transition, and all monsters and containers also reset. This makes it difficult to determine which areas have been explored. Also, it would be nice if when encountering a doorway to a new area if the name of that area would display when the mouse is hovered over the portal. These are just quality of life issues that make random exploration much more enjoyable. I found myself dumping gear on the ground rather than porting back to sell or store my gear, because when I returned all my progression and areas that have been explored were reset. I then can’t remember which areas I have cleared, and which areas have not. I can’t count the times I just re-explored entire areas due to this. It would be nice if areas that have already been explored would remain so unless I’ve exited the game and returned. Then the map reseting is understandable. If this is a future addition to game play just disregard. Thanks so much for your hard work.

I would imagine that both of these issues will addressed in future updates.

I’m having the same problems. Would be lovely if areas wouldn’t reset until you leave the game session. Also, whenever I teleport away/go to another area, not only does the area I just left reset, any gear that was on the floor will be gone as well. That makes it hard to go back to town to sell your stuff when you’re overburdened, because you will inevitably loose items.
Also +1 for the portal hover showing what area it will lead to!

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Levels persisting after you leave them is planned, the system just hasn’t been developed yet. At the moment, almost nothing about your progress in a level is saved.


Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure this common map trait would be added later. Just wanted to make sure. The more I see of this game the more excited I am to see it to completion. I think you’ve laid the groundwork for a very successful RPG. I’m already a fan. So I’m here for the duration. Thanks again.

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Dandy it seems you and I’ve have encountered the same frustration. The size of various weapons and armor quickly fill and over burden my storage. I have become very picky about what I pick up so I don’t lose my progress. Especially on the larger maps. Thanks for the feedback.

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As a veteran of the game I can tell you absolutely do not worry about picking up 99.9% of items at low level. The power of items scales rapidly as you advance in character levels:) Problem solved!

The give you an idea of what I mean I literally pick up .1% of actual items at this point. I pick up all the runes/glyphs though of course. Unless its something terrible I know I’ll never use and I have a million of them. Most of those .1% gear items I do pick up are to craft with. In a crapshoot sort of style with glyphs of stability. Glyphs of guardian I try to save for the good stuff. The really good stuff. Seriously, Glyphs of Guardian are one of the best items in the game lol. The only other stuff I pick up I shatter for more crafting. That’s stuff with very specific mods I need or very rare mods. Example: Damage taken from mana before life on body armor.
I promise you most of the items you are picking up you will never actually use. It took me a while to learn this too. I used to pick up wayyyy too many things. Do yourself a favor…be really strict on what you pick up! But dont miss a good item to craft!


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