Map loses its Quest Links

Playing offline in cycle mode. Twice now the map has lost its Quest list, which normally resides on the left side of the screen. They vanish and a message appears on the bottom left that says “‘_’ Reset Viw ‘up arrow’ Hide Quests” pressing either the space or the up arrow has no effect. The only thing I’ve found that corrects the issue to to exit the game and relaunch it.
Without the quest marker links it is much more difficult to navigate the map.


I think those “buttons” in the bottom left of the map screen are supposed to be interactive? They may be where the little white square, mentioned in the bug fix notes, was appearing in the prior version.

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I’m also having this issue with my offline cycle character, except my Quest Log doesn’t appear after restarting.

The Quest Log keybind also doesn’t work, so I assume the issue is with the Quest Log itself.
None of the keybinds work either.

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