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Map layouts and hard edges

When playing with a controller, its very common to get trapped in nooks of the map layout. Often times its a situation where some peninsula of unpathable terrain is wrapping back around to become parralel with the main unpathable area, which makes a hook of sorts. These cause massive issues with getting trapped on the terrain when using a controller. The same could be said for the bits of terrain slightly jutting out of most unpathable objects.

I would suggest rounding the edges of the unpathable areas so that it’s easier to move past them while rubbing against the edge. (it is also very hard to tell what is or is not unpathable unless looking at the mini-map) I am playing on UltrWide and often have the mini-map way off to the side, so getting stuck in the terrain is an extremely common occurance, and need to recheck the map to see why I am stuck.

Any screenshots of these issues would help a lot in identifying the problem areas.

Here is an example inside the End of Time

I will try to find the examples in echos, but this is the general idea. Playing with the controller is really easy to get stuck on the terrain edges.

another example inside Ruined Shrine
Nook on bridge

another bridge with one side you get stuck
bottom right corner

Then there are the countless bumps on the minimap which also snag you slightly as you run by, like in the arenas, the pilars stop you from moving around them without pathing far away from the edges.

It would be nice to not come to a complete stop when you hit a wall, and were given a few pixels buffer zone from the edge. Then when your character is walking along, and about to hit the edge, it stops moving that direction and tries to move the other directions your towards, so kind of glide on the edge to get past the numerous bumps on the minimap terrain.

Then nooks, why are there so many. I could take pictures of them all, but they are in nearly every echo layout. The biggest offenders are on the bridges, like the one I posted above. Some of the others are off to the side and pretty docile, but why? During hectic combat situations, and with no ability to control where I am dashing if there is an enemy in front of me, I tend to find myself stuck in these terrains.

Here I can show a little more what I mean as far as the difference of what looks pathable, and the minimap version of whats pathable.


Pathing around an area

In the video you can see what I mean, parts that look pathable, are not. Like that board on the floor, why is it unpathable area when the same exact board is right next to it pathable.

Then there are what looks like pathable holes in the walls, which are not. And the path that does not look like you should be able to go through, is the pathable one, and you end up clipping through the models of void gunk in the doorway.

These things are not as big of an issue when you are using a mouse since it paths you to it automatically, it just becomes odd with a controller.