Map Feedback (Reign of Dragons)

To distract myself from weeks of farming Reign of Dragons, I figured I’d give you some feedback on the maps used in this monolith. I’ve given my thoughts on the following points along with some general remarks on the map plus a tier rating. You can find a quick overview of how I’d rank the maps on a tier list as well as my comments on each map further down below.

  • Aesthetics (The looks and feels of the map)
  • Layout (Map size, shapes, pathways, map rotations etc.)
  • Mob Density (How packed is it with mobs / which rough locations)
  • Objectives (How do the map objectives feel in relation to its layout/spawn point)
  • Spawn Points (Do the spawn points make sense / give a sense of direction?)

I hope this will be useful to the devs. It might not be the most pressing concern as of now, but I would like to see more monolith-friendly maps in the long run. Possibly brand new maps to give more variety to the map pool. So hopefully this will give some insight in (re)designing maps from one of your players and whoever else has something to add.

General Feedback / Remarks

Aesthetics: Purely subjective, but Divine/Ancient themed maps look the best and most unique. Imperial maps tend to look very similar to each other and generally lack colour. I appreciate Reign of Dragons having some Divine maps in there unlike other Imperial dominant monoliths.

This applies more to other monoliths, but I’d like to see more Divine and particulary Ancient themed maps included, particularly in pure-Imperial monoliths.

Layout: I definitely prefer smaller/medium sized maps (Autumnal Grove, Broken Hills, Waste Pools) over the extremely large ones (Alpine Halls, Verdant Outskirts, Serpentine Desert).

A big factor to this is these large maps have poor map rotation options. Meaning there are dead ends and/or you need to walk a very long time to get to a place. Paired with poor mob density and scattered/late objectives, this quickly becomes frustrating.

Smaller/Medium-sized maps tend to have acceptable rotations (Frigid Hinterlands, Twisted Mire) or one-directional yet wide/multiple paths leading there (Waste Pools, Autumnal Grove). The latter is the style/shape of map I like best.

I’m not saying we should only have small/medium maps, but I would like to see improved pathing on these large maps. Have every direction in Alpine Halls connected, cut a road down the huge deadspace of Serpentine Desert/Defiled Valley so you aren’t forced to walk for miles to get around. Stuff like that. Of the biggest maps I’d say Mountain Aerie is probably the closest thing to how I’d want a large map to be.

Mob Density: Take my map comments with a grain of salt, as mob density is very sporadic. Some maps have generally good density of mobs, but will still fail to deliver other times. Imperial Warcamp is probably one of the most consistently good maps for mob density across the map.

Some maps have good consistency in some areas, but are very lacking in others. Solarum Ascent is a great example of this. The bottom part is devoid, the upper part feels good.

In general I’d like to see more mobs so the game is less about travelling and more about combat. My only concern with this is some maps with high density of mobs are very bad for the performance/FPS of my PC (Ritual Lake, Sapphire Refuge). I’m not sure if this is mainly due to the map or due to the amount of mobs.

Objectives: Objectives can worsen some maps further depending on what they are. “Kill 3 spires in each quadrant of Alpine Halls” is an instant map reload for me. Anything that isn’t an instant reveal of a single objective on Jagged Outskirts is an instant map reload. I’d say the bigger the map, the more important it is for there to be just 1 objective for it to remain fun (or bearable) to me.

Beacons that explore an area around them feel VERY boring to me. There’s no incentive to killing stuff quicker since its time dependant. Also wouldn’t mind objectives where you just had to fill up your stability bar so there is more combat focus instead of rushing to objectives since that is usually most efficient of gearing up (but a lot less fun).

Spawn Points: In general these felt fine. If not it usually ties together with map layout or objectives. Spawning in the middle of Serpentine Desert going to the right, then finding out the objective was to the left feels bad and I might as well reload. Spawning near an edge of the map is a lot better with less risk of running opposite of where the objective reveal turns out to be.

New Map Suggestions
Would also like to mention a few maps from campaign/monolith-specific quest maps that I found missing but have some potential with some minor tweaks here and there. If you were to focus on new maps, I would like to see more Ancient themed maps as they are very underrepresented.

  • Ancient Forest (but WITH bridges connecting each island to multiple closest islands to make short rotations possible)
  • Verdant Lakes (fine as is, could also be bit larger)
  • Corrupted/Risen Lake (but way more compact and bit wider pathways, bigger main platforms)
  • Soul Warden’s Road/Path of Despair (Slightly larger)
  • Barren Aqueduct (but just the top 2/3rds and/or work on good rotations/less deadends)
  • The Immortal Summit (looks very cool tbh and like the layout
  • Farwood (Slightly reduce deathspace in middle of the circular paths for better rotations)
  • The Frozen Roots (very unique looking map!)
  • Solemn Path (but only the style of it, make it a more real map)
  • The Coral Pools
  • Temple of Lagon (slightly better rotations)
  • Temple Depths
  • Sanctum of the Architect
  • Temple Rooftops (but way smaller or perhaps in a quadrant
  • Magma Caverns (unique cool style)
  • 1st Echo Quest of Age of Winter (winter version of Canyon Stronghold)
Tier List Overview

High: Autumnal Highlands
Low: Autumnal Grove, Lakeside Trail, Haunted Reef, Ritual Lake, Willow Marsh

High: Stormswept Isle, Imperial Warcamp, Waste Pools, Volcanic City, Boreal Forest
Low: Twisted Mire, Solarum Ascent, Broken Hills, Coastal Village, Sandswept Temple, Sapphire Refuge, Forlorn Streets

High: Frozen Tunnels, Frigid Hinterlands, Burning Harbour
Low: Burning Forest, Mountain Aerie, Canyon Stronghold

High: Barren Slums, Rotting Fortress, Bloodworks, Hidden Oasis, Imperial Metropolis, Snowbound City
Low: Verdant Outskirts, Alpine Halls, Sinking City

High: Desert Canyons
Low: Harvested Titan

Jagged Outskirts, Serpentine Desert, Defiled Valley

Alpine Halls (C- Tier)

Aesthetics: Quite unique looking and fairly beautiful
Layout: It’s a huge map with lots of quarters and many pathways. I belief its gotten better in terms of connectivity, but there are still deadends. Hard to navigate this map intuitively.
Mob Density: Usually quite stacked with mobs in open areas, but the long narrow hallways don’t have many (which make up a big portion of the map).
Objectives: Multiple spires/patrols on this map can feel really bad and is the main reason I rate it low. Even for single objectives I sometimes travel in the wrong direction before they are made known. Given the map size and
Spawn Points: Honestly no idea where I am on the map, so they don’t feel that good usually.
Remarks: The map feels too big, too many deadends or huge rotations you have to make. It does feel like it has potential if objectives were immediately shown and don’t consist of multiple ones. The style of the map is cool; open areas packed with mobs, hallways can provide unique challenges vs mobs which redeem them for me sometimes. Wouldn’t mind a similar map with improvements made.

Autumnal Highlands (S+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Without question the prettiest map for me. Game looks stunning to me on this map.
Layout: Not pure easy mode to navigate, but never hard either. Very balanced and a lot of maps could learn something from
Mob Density: Highly packed in the west/central part, but less packed in other areas that could use a few more mobs sometimes. Overall good though.
Objectives: Sometimes a bit spread out, but its wide open in most areas and easy to get to next objective through a new path
Spawn Points: Any spawn point works fine
Remarks: My favourite map. Best-looking, well balanced layout that isnt overly complicated or simple (like Willow Marsh). One of best maps to base new maps around imo on all accounts.

Autumnal Highlands (S+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Without question the prettiest map for me. Game looks stunning to me on this map.
Layout: Not pure easy mode to navigate, but never hard either. Very balanced and a lot of maps could learn something from
Mob Density: Highly packed in the west/central part, but less packed in other areas that could use a few more mobs sometimes. Overall good though.
Objectives: Sometimes a bit spread out, but its wide open in most areas and easy to get to next objective through a new path
Spawn Points: Any spawn point works fine
Remarks: My favourite map. Best-looking, well balanced layout that isnt overly complicated or simple (like Willow Marsh). One of best maps to base new maps around imo on all accounts.

Autumnal Grove (S- Tier)

Aesthetics: Looks amazing just like Autumnal Highlands
Layout: Feels very good navigating here. Despite its somewhat straightness, it feels open with multiple path options without worrying it’ll lead somewhere wrong
Mob Density: Could do with more, I want to spend more time on this map :slight_smile:
Objectives: Very clear, you just go to the opposite side of spawn
Spawn Points: Very clear which direction to go
Remarks: My only complaint is that I feel this map is too small/fast to clear. I just really like the Autumn maps.

Barren Slums (C+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Not a fan of it
Layout: It’s pretty decent, more intersesting layout than other city maps like Imperial/Snowbound City
Mob Density: Generally good
Objectives: Patrols can be a bit of a goose chase, but overall fine
Spawn Points: Provides a good enough sense of which quarter of the map you’re in
Remarks: Overall decent map that would have ranked higher for me if it wasn’t for the fact it’s used in almost every monolith. I’m not sure why its so much more popular to throw in monoliths’ map pool than any other map by a margin. I’m just jaded about it by now. If maps are very prevalent in monoliths, this would not be my pick.

Bloodworks (C+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Unique but kinda boring, it looks the same no matter where you are
Layout: It’s alright, but not a fan of the triangular paths with sharp turns. Its easy for your char to derp out trying to get around these corners. Same for getting past shrines in the narrowest of paths.
Mob Density: Quite good
Objectives: Sometimes don’t show up quickly enough, but its not too bad.
Spawn Points: At best provide a sense of being at the edge of the map. Rest looks the same.
Remarks: Apart from the narrow paths/sharp turns, this map is quite alright. It just doesn’t excel at anything for me except mob density.

Boreal Forest (A+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Looks good, my favourite snowy map
Layout: Somewhat similar to Autumnal Grove, but more wide open and less deadspace. It’s good
Mob Density: Generally feels good
Objectives: Map layout makes it very clear to get to objectives
Spawn Points: Good
Remarks: Due to the layout, I feel like I get blinded less by the snowy terrain covering objective locations when compared to Frigid Hinterlands (which has more curvy roads)

Broken Hills (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Fairly bland, but not completely devoid of nice features
Layout: Reminds me of Autumnal Grove; multiple paths leading to the same direction. It’s good
Mob Density: Average
Objectives: Very clear, run to the opposite side
Spawn Points: Similarly clear
Remarks: Average map, but makes up for it with clear objectives/pathing

Burning Forest (B- Tier)

Aesthetics: Looks pretty cool, bit dark and grim but I like this style a lot more than the typical Imperial style of grim.
Layout: Poor rotation options in the northern part
Mob Density: Average to sparse, could do with some more mobs
Objectives: Fine, though with multiple objectives you are sometimes forced to backtrack (especially if one is in the far northern part)
Spawn Points: Sometimes a bit confusing if you are on the southern or northern part, but usually spawn points close enough to features you can use to get a bearing of where you are
Remarks: Alright map unless you’re unlucky with multiple objectives that are spread in such a way that it’ll sometimes force you to backtrack. Also on the central right of the southern island (In-between the bridges) the minimap suggests you can travel to the other island but you can’t.

Burning Harbour (B+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Similarly cool to Burning Forest, but I like this better because of less objects in the open area blocking movement
Layout: I like it, good size and decent rotations but the pathways could be a bit wider (like in the southeast of the map).
Mob Density: Lacking often
Objectives: Pretty clear for most part
Spawn Points: Ones that spawn at either side of the map are good, some in the center-ish less so
Remarks: Cool aesthetics, decent layout, just mob density is often lacking

Canyon Stronghold (B- Tier)

Aesthetics: Not a big fan, but it does have a more unique feel compared to other canyon/sand maps
Layout: Single pathway, I’m okay with it
Mob Density: Hallway and area around objectives are packed, some parts are little sparse but it’s fine
Objectives: Very clear, you always move the same direction
Spawn Points: Similarly clear
Remarks: Decent map thanks to its clear pathing. Bottom far left area is kinda disconnected but thats fine

Coastal Village (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Technically a sand level, but doesnt feel like it so its quite alright
Layout: Somewhat circular and mazey, but the compact map size makes this fine
Mob Density: Fairly good
Objectives: Somewhat clear how to get to them, never takes too long
Spawn Points: Close enough to identifying features on the map that help you orientate
Remarks: Solid & fun map, good example of circular maps done right.

Defiled Valley (F Tier)

Aesthetics: Ugly, boring.
Layout: Too big, the inner tracks also keep confusing me and seem to lead nowhere but to a diversion
Mob Density: Some parts are alright, but due to the map size there are still long stretches of sparse mob density
Objectives: Any multiple objectives feel really bad on this map if they are spread out or patrolling
Spawn Points: Southwest corner feels distinctive, others just remind me of Harvested Titan and don’t give clarity of direction
Remarks: Too big, circular and one-directional. Basically similarly annoying to Harvested Titan, but even worse due to the paths in the middle that basically don’t lead anywhere that further worsen the issues this map has. Only solution to this map would be severely reducing it in size, but I don’t think I’ll ever like similar maps.

Desert Canyons (D+ Tier)

Mob Density:
Spawn Points:
Remarks: Too similar feeling to Serpentine Desert.

Forlorn Streets (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Imperial, but I kinda like this version of an Imperial city (compared to Snowbound City/Imperial Metropolis)
Layout: Kinda like it, especially the northern part. Good medium sized as well and easy to manouver.
Mob Density: It varies, could do with more consistent high density as sometimes its very empty.
Objectives: Feel good
Spawn Points: Usually got a clear sense of where I am on the map thanks to its many unique structures/pathing.
Remarks: Amongst the best Imperial maps and a good benchmark of what size I like. Its mostly straight lines, but I like that the northern part is quite wide open to similar maps like Imperial Metropolis/Snowbound City. Also not as many corners or annoying stairs/elevation.

Frigid Hinterlands (B+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Pretty good, wouldnt mind a snowy level with more unique features though
Layout: Many circular paths that can throw you for a loop, but they’re executed better than other circular maps (Defiled Valley, Harvested Titan, Serpentine Desert) because its smaller in size
Mob Density: Decent
Objectives: Not super clear each time, but they’re fine
Spawn Points: Generally good, spawns you at the side of the map usually. Given its circular shape, I like that
Remarks: Fairly solid map, doesnt excel in anything but it’s better than similarly shaped maps

Frozen Tunnel (B+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Not super exciting, but kinda like it.
Layout: Pretty good, there’s a lot of deadspace in between the tunnels, but due to its small/medium size this does not feel like a problem to me when compared to maps like Harvested Titan
Mob Density: Feels like there are too few mobs usually, but given the narrow shape it makes sense.
Objectives: Clear. Patrols can be annoying, but map size/layout remedies that to acceptable levels of backtracking
Spawn Points: Good, they almost always spawn at one side of the tunnel so you just go opposite usually.
Remarks: Average map, but I’ll take it. I think in terms of its size it feels very nice and a good benchmark. Not overly long, nor super quick. I’d like more maps of this size rather than the very big ones (Defiled Valley, Serpentine Desert etc.)

Harvested Titan (D- Tier)

Aesthetics: Hate it. Imperial theme is generally bland, but fleshwork terrain is actually ugly and it all looks the same to me. Doesnt help navigation
Layout: Way too big and very deceptive pathways. I still get fooled going through the middle paths expecting it leads me to where I want to get to, only to find out it doesnt and I have to take a giant rotation / backtrack. Its similarly awkward to Defiled Valley. Only redeeming factor of this map is its central/northeastern part.
Objectives: Anything that has 2+ objectives feels terrible on this map due to navigation issues. Even more so with patrols.
Spawn Points: Spawn point in the northeast is generally fine leading to a fast clear with right objective. Rest I don’t like
Remarks: Almost as bad as Jagged Outskirts, but “easier” to navigate. Just takes a long time to complete this boring map. Removing a lot of the deadspace in the center and shrinking the map would make it more tolerable by reducing the rotation to get from one side to the next (especially for patrol/spire objectives).

Haunted Reef (S- Tier)

Aesthetics: Like it. It’s a good mixture of Imperial/Divine themes.
Layout: Small and quite wide open, easy to navigate
Mob Density: Great, feels more packed than most other maps
Objectives: All are fine given the small and easy layout
Spawn Points: Fine
Remarks: Sometimes feels a little bit too short, but great map regardless

Hidden Oasis (C+ Tier)

Aesthetics: It’s the nicest looking sand level
Layout: Clear to navigate intuitively, good size
Mob Density: Generally good
Objectives: Feel good, except its hard to see objectives on the map. This is bad especially for patrols as they you know… Patrol :).
Spawn Points: Multiple, works fine with the map. Some objective spawnpoints are unfortunately placed near palm trees that cover your screen
Remarks: Objectives in the southwest area can get covered by palm trees. Also this is THE map where I feel most blind (unable to see objective direction on maps), so I’m just running somewhere hoping I see something. I can really appreciate the size/layout of this map, but the fact its a sand level notorious for “blinding” me and the palm trees getting in the way makes me indifferent about this one.

Imperial Warcamp (A+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Imperial… but it’s the only downside of this map for me
Layout: Feels surprisingly good for an Imperial map.
Mob Density: Amazing. It always feels good to fight on this map and its a good benchmark of what I would like to see in terms of mob density.
Objectives: Feels good
Spawn Points: Great, making for intuitive pathing with a little knowledge of objectives
Remarks: I think this is the best Imperial map. The bridge at 3’o clock leading down plus the ramp at 9’o clock leading down are unique enough to get your bearing on the map and where you need to go. While you can’t navigate directly from north to the center to the south (like many Imperial/sand maps), it’s clear how to navigate after running it a few times. The lack of paths in the center also doesnt force a giant boring rotation (like Harvested Titan/Defiled Valley) to get where you wanna get, there’s always stuff to kill. If this was in the style of Autumnal Highlands, it’d be S+.

Jagged Outskirts (FF Tier)

Aesthetics: Boring and bland
Layout: Awful. Just awful. Bunch of scattered islands, some extremely close to each other but requiring a GIANT loop across the map.
Mob Density: Very few mobs except for a few spots
Objectives: Awfully spread out across islands sometimes
Spawn Points: Awful except for one where it is pretty reliable in the direction you’ll have to go for objective
Remarks: Remove this map from Monoliths, there is nothing redeeming about it. Objectives of multiple spires, bad spawn points or late discoveries of objective force me to restart the map till I get something I can tolerate.

Lakeside Trail (S- Tier)

Aesthetics: Love it, feels unique
Layout: Long curving path that makes me think of Canyon Stronghold in a general sense, but done better
Mob Density: Usually one of the better maps for mob density
Objectives: Clear, just follow the path. Northern part has some rare backtrack potential with certain objectives, but its only short
Spawn Points: Perfect
Remarks: One of the best maps, just all around good and unique. Not much I would change

Mountain Aerie (B- Tier)

Aesthetics: I like it, feels like a unique level.
Layout: Very large map, sometimes it feels intuitive how to get to somewhere, but sometimes I anticipate a route that isnt there leading to minor backtracking
Mob Density: Usually densely packed, but can disappoint other times
Objectives: Patrol objectives feel bad on this map, but mostly it feels okay
Spawn Points: No clear sense of where I am, but the layout is forgiving enough to make it alright
Remarks: I think the map could be reduced in size somewhat or maybe remove 3 patrols/spire objectives on this map as it can make it drag on too long imo.

Ritual Lake (S- Tier)

Aesthetics: I like it, simple but unique
Layout: Love it, its essentially a giant arena
Mob Density: Consistently good, its quite a large map but it doesnt feel like it because combat is always available
Objectives: Feel good
Spawn Points: Feel good.
Remarks: Very good map on all points imo. Aesthetics still go to Autumnal Highlands, but its equal or slightly better on other points. Only complaint is performance is sometimes worse than on other maps. Might have to do with high mob density and it being a new map (I think?). Also Shifting on some parts of the terrain causes you to become stuck. One of the spawn points (in the northeast) spawns near some of this terrain (the hill with little patch of grass on it). These things are fixable though, so I’d give it S+ if these were fixed.

Rotting Fortress (C+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Kinda boring, but no overlap with other maps
Layout: Lots of hallways, but the travel time from open area/intersections is short so no huge time sinks to get around
Mob Density: Usually feels good in the open rooms and fine in the hallways connecting them
Objectives: Sometimes forces you to backtrack, but not a huge issue as it doesnt take long
Spawn points: same every time, which fits the map layout well
Remarks: Not an exciting map, but I don’t mind it either due to clear objectives. In general with hallway/corridor-heavy maps, I would like to see more open areas connected by them. Alpine Halls does this relatively well (the open area part). One issue with this map in particular is that some skills will target up on the hills whenever you’re in the narrow hallways and mobs are near the wall.

Sapphire Refuge (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Pretty cool, but nothing amazing either
Layout: Fairly large, but overall easy to navigate with some room to learn it better (which is good)
Mob Density: Feels good
Objectives: Can be spread out, but the layout makes that fine
Spawn Points: Fine
Remarks: Aesthetically its average to me, but this map is a good example of a great monolith map in terms of layout and mob density. Not a fan of the many objects in the rooms that block movement though. Map also tends to drop FPS by half.

Serpentine Desert (FF Tier)

Aesthetics: Sand, canyons, narrow… I don’t like it.
Layout: Way too big, too much deadspace in the center as well, forcing looooong and wide rotations.
Mob Density: Disappointing. But I rush this map anyway.
Objectives: Takes too long to show on map usually, worsening the issues this map has
Spawn Points: As good as they can be on this map, problem lies in other factors for me
Remarks: Some of the landmarks (the part where you fight the lightning scorpion & poison circle boss in storyline) are also deadends on this map while they aren’t on a similar looking map (Desert Canyons). Too easy to confuse these two maps, guessing wrong forces a huge rotation. Similarly to Defiled Valley/Harvested Titan/Desert Canyons there is too much deadspace in the center, these kind of maps with long rotations are my least favourite ones. This would be my 2nd map to veto out of the game

Snowbound City (C- Tier)

Aesthetics: Like the snowy look better than the more than its imperial counterpart (Imperial Metropolis)
Layout: Essentially only grids of hallways, kinda boring to me but its okay overall
Mob Density: Alright
Objectives: If they are spread out, it feels a bit tedious getting from one to the next due to the layout of straight with lots of corners/stairs
Spawn Points: Hard to intuitively know where you are on the map, it all looks the same
Remarks: Don’t mind the map overall, but it’s tedious to me because there are multiple similar maps and none of them are amazing. Also a lot of stairs, which sometimes derps out your character when you move over them or select the highground when you’re on lowground

Solarum Ascent (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Love it, its a very memorable map
Layout: I like it, for the most part its a fairly wide path leading to the same direction. The southern/bottom part feels a little too long though and brings the map down a bit.
Mob Density: Great in the northern part, bad in the southern part
Objectives: Very clear thanks to map layout
Spawn Points: Fine
Remarks: Great aesthetics, clear objectives, high density of mobs. A lot of good things about this map, but when spawning in the bottom part its usually a long climb of boring stuff and you better be a speedy character.

Storm Swept Isle (A+ Tier)

Aesthetics: Love it, best aesthetics after Autumnal maps for me
Layout: I like it. Its paths are bit wiggly in some parts but thats no problem due to its compact size. Each quarter of the map looks very distinct to me.
Mob Density: Usually good, but could do more.
Objectives: Quite good if you know where the wiggly paths generally lead to.
Spawn Points: Well placed
Remarks: Great map, but lower that damm bridge!! Feels like there’s always a pack of deadly crossbow man near them haha

Twisted Mire (A- Tier)

Aesthetics: Feels nice, not entirely unique but it feels like it due to layout
Layout: Semi-wide straight paths in a circular fashion. Can sometimes throw you for a loop, but the map isn’t that big so its fine
Mob Density: Connecting points are generally packed enough, but rest can be sparse
Objectives: Feel like I have to guess direction sometimes which sometimes leads to some backtracking
Spawn Points: Could be improved, you can spawn in the middle, so if you go up and the objective is down it feels a bit annoying
Remarks: Overall I like this map despite its circular shape. Generally this is okay if the map size isn’t too big and there are connecting paths in the middle-ish

Verdant Outskirts (C- Tier)

Aesthetics: Lovely and unique
Layout: I don’t mind it too much, but the size of the map makes its layout a problem imo. Its hard to identify if you are in the inner paths or the outer paths. Easy to go into a half loop because it is so big.
Mob Density: Too sparse most of the time. Map has quite wide and long pathways, there need to be more mobs.
Objectives: Terrible trigger on making it known where the objective is. I can loop the entire map and have almost full stability and still not know where it is
Spawn Points: Doesnt really matter or help remedy this maps’ problems
Remarks: This is the only map where it takes extremely long to find out the objective. If this could be fixed, I’d appreciate the map more for its uniqueness. I wouldn’t mind a smaller version or second version of this map that is smaller (like Autumnal Highlands & Grove). I’d probably really enjoy it

Volcanic City (A+ Tier)

Aesthetics: My favourite city themed map. Feels both grim but still colourful to some degree
Layout: Small map with multiple small backtrack potential, but its very compact to make up for it
Mob Density: Generally good, one of the better maps for mob density
Objectives: Sometimes lead to forced backtrack, but overall very clear where they are at
Spawn Points: Good, no complaints
Remarks: Solid map, I never mind doing it

Waste Pools (A+ Tier)

Aesthetics: ugly, but in this map’s defense they are waste pools after all
Layout: Wonderful, its layout feels similar to Autumnal Grove where in general its a straight line to the objective, but its fairly wide open and no matter what direction you take you end up at the objective (mostly anyway).
Mob Density: One of the most consistently dense maps, so I like it
Objectives: Always clear
Spawn Points: Very clear where you are
Remarks: Despite it being an ugly map, I like its other designs a lot. It’s just behind Imperial Warcamp for me ranking #2 for Imperial maps. They’re both good benchmark maps and if in the style of Autumnal maps, it’d probably be S+ tier.

Willow Marsh (S- Tier)

Aesthetics: Love swamps and feels refreshing from dark, bland or grim maps
Layout: Small yet pretty wide open, which I like
Mob Density: High, especially around objectives. Common place to get overwhelmed/die
Objectives: Always in same area, which I like
Spawn Points: Well placed in similar spots
Remarks: Short and extremely clear map thats a relief to quickly do in between other maps. I dont mind some very short maps like these, but if all maps were like this (or Haunted Reef) it’d feel somewhat unsatisfying.


After doing more than 500 echoes the past weeks I think your feedback is totally on point here.

Only difference I did the runs in Ending the storm monolith.
And the difference is that it was first time grinding corruption and farming a specific mono (500+ corruption), I did not reload any map, in fact I was not thinking this way, but I think I should start it right now.
Some maps with 3 objectives across them take too much time that it’s better to avoid.
Some maps infuriate us with their dead ends, some make us frustrated by going to the wrong side.

Generally speaking I think monos miss more ways to motivate player to explore the map and to kill enemies in the path.
I love the game, I like the monoliths system, like the grind, but as we spend more and more time doing the same thing over and over it changes to a race to the end most of times.

Good grief that must have taken you some time to put together…

Dont think anyone has “reviewed” every map like this before. Thanks.

Kudos… :scream:

Generally speaking I think monos miss more ways to motivate player to explore the map and to kill enemies in the path.

I agree here. I think a good way to increase more interaction with the map and combat, instead of being rewarded X reward at the end of it, why not cause mobs to have an increased drop rate of X reward similar to dungeon modifiers. Or have the quantity/quality of the specific monolith cache at the end have its reward depend on the amount you cleared. I belief the general cache already depends on this, but doesnt feel worth the effort.

It’d decrease the importance of speed (especially with proper mob density and improved map layout) and will let you play the game more like it’s “supposed” to.

Good grief that must have taken you some time to put together…

A little bit yea. On the plus side its more enjoyable to write nasty things about Jagged Outskirts than it is to run that map :wink:

Yeah, it does that already. Pre-0.9 what you got out of it wasn’t based on the modifiers or area level of the mono (so a lvl 90+ character could get a t7 exalted out of a lvl 55 mono reward cache).

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