Manual Server Region Selection

I play in south America, even when in Aline, i got placed on us central. Até least they shoud place tou on the right server for you.

No it doesn’t, 180ms instead of 40 is not the best server for the party lead or anyone,
Literally no real good answer has been given regarding this, bug is affecting a ton of users. Can’t you just lock us into South America if we have reported the issue?
I’ve got a response of “We hope this is no longer an issue for 1.0”…
Some people really have/had hopes on this game but some of the responses or the lack of is just disheartening for the future.
This game has vision but without the technical part we are at 0

We know that people are getting sent to servers far from them. We are working to make sure that this isn’t a problem going forward. In our investigation, we pulled the stats for the ping checks when it is looking for a server and it is successfully placing everyone in the lowest ping server.

This is not giving players the best play experience and we are working to remedy this.

It is placing people in the lowest ping server when it is checking the servers to see which is the lowest ping.

It shouldn’t take us as long as 1.0. That would be terrible.


First, I’d like to say that I found that joining a friend through the teleport icon in party list to join their instance lets me play on EU servers while the game without fail connects me to US East. Then, I can play on the EU server until I log off again.

I don’t really mind usually since it’s playable normally most of the time, but sometimes it isn’t.

And this inconsistency (I’ve only been playing for 3 days and have already noticed) is the reason I’d like to see an option to manually select the server location. Internet is a very fickle beast. Most of the time, lowest ping server is the best choice, but it’s not at all rare that lowest ping server suffers from intermittent connection issues that make a server that reports twice the ping a much better experience for the end user while a connection looks perfectly serviceable on the server’s or client’s side.

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Hi Mike,
thank you for the explanation. I am a EU player and whenever I start the game from the steam library I get send to US East which has latency issues for me.
When I start the game from CLI though I get (correctly) send to EU West.
Is there any reason/explanation why the ping checks get different results depending on whether I start the game through the steam library vs CLI ?

I’m sorry I don’t know. I don’t really have any more info on the situation yet. I know people much smarter than I are working on it though.

I can only say that the experience I and my father when playing together directly contradicts this statement. Like myself, he is based in Australia but is instead sent to the US servers incorrectly. When on US servers he shows 200+ping. When he joins an instance of mine he is on the Aus servers with approx 60-70 ping. I can only surmise that how it is being measured is somewhat inconsistent or in error. (I believe he may even be happy to assist in demonstrating this if a dev needs help in replication)

Regarding the earlier discord post about a dev indicating we may not be allowed to manually select servers: I read that in dismay. I have yet to play a singe Arpg or (any online rpg) for that matter, where region selection at minimum wasn’t present. I just consider it a reasonable standard expectation when I buy a game with online service that this would be an option. Considering the number of similar games running similar services without this presenting an issue: There would need to be very good reason to not include it.

The closest cases of something even remotely being an issue that come to my mind are examples like New World, where they had to close server migrations at times (note, region select was still allowed) or when PoE didn’t immediately add certain new servers to the options tab (they were under testing, people could still choose to access it, they just needed to be aware of the risks). Not one of these is a sufficient example in my mind to block it. Yes I’m aware that there are almost certainly things I’m not aware of, but given the widespread application of this feature: the justification to not include it needs to be far greater than the justification to include it.

TLDR: +1 for manual server selection option.

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Please consider this, I don’t think I’ve once connected to a US server as a US player and if a friend cannot put me into a good server it’s pretty rough.

yep +1 right now i am buged out of online couse it keep sending me to central US whit super hight lag.

I am here in Anchorage AK and the last 2 days the game automatically puts me in EU West when clearly i am US West. the 250 ping is cool though thanks!

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The system is bugged obviously. I dont think it makes sense to advocate for a bandaid system where you can manually circumvent the original system. The solution is to make the automated system work properly in the first place.

Work on the cause of the problem, not on the symptoms.

I appreciate the sentiment.

However, I will continue to advocate for an alternative (not necessarily a replacement) as long as I feel:

  • the current automation doesn’t address all the use cases (e.g. inequitable lag in multi-region play)
  • automation is likely to create more problems than it solves (which, based on my professional experience, it will likely do so)



If the problem was only on party play… Me and my friends are from Brazil. It doesn´t matter if we are playing group or alone. We always got some random server: S America, US East and US West.

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+1 on manual server selection.
There is no reason to be so adamant against it, every online game in existence survived having a manual server selection option, this game won’t blow itself up because of that.


+1 for manual server selection. Playing with friend in EU and we have to take turns having 150+ping. Even with Exitlag where it should place us in New York to mitigate lag, there is coding in the source of the game that cements you in your region regardless of ping. Major major problem that needs a fix to be prioritized to give the players the MP experience this game deserves.

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SA player here. I’m being placed in US central servers. Haven’t tried the VPN trick because I can’t afford one. So please, allow us to choose our servers.

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Kanna-Reia (EHG)

Mar 20, 2023, 16:37 CDT


Thank you for reaching out to us!

Please be advised that Manual Server selection is something that’s our team is looking into for a future update.

If there are other concerns, please let us know.

Best regards,

This is the response I got from support


well thats cool in a future update we can get a fix but what about changing how your region select works for now.

I literally have to use a vpn to wack a mole the correct geo location to even play game.

500-5kms ping now to EU West from Alaska. So annoying.

They’re definitely aware of some issues people are experiencing. I have no doubt they are trying to resolve them at same time.

I don’t even play in a party but I get sent to the wrong server regardless.

Heard its a bug but found 0 fixes or responses so far. Hopefully they fix it.