Manifest Weapon - Increases to Activation Chance Don't Work

I discovered this by wanting to see if manifested weapons from idols got the benefit of passives in Forge Strike. Swinging at the dummy using Vengeance with 30% chance worth of idols equipped I never spawned a weapon. I went to a combat zone and killed several packs of enemies with Vengeance alone and never spawned a weapon.

My thought was it probably only works for Forge Strike. So I went to the dummy. With the skill specialized for 20% additional chance and 30% worth of idols I should be spawning weapons at 70% rate with Forge Strike. My testing returned about a 20% spawn rate.

I know the Forging prefix for Ornate Idols does not work. I also suspect the Mass Production node of Forge Strike also does not work.

Manifest weapon is not the same as forged weapon ( The one from forge stike) here is manifest weapon idols

The “rainbow” that goes over my character

Damn, I should have remembered that… This is why me going on Boardman’s show would be bad…

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