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"Manifest Strike" on idols?

I’ve encountered an idol that has “+% chance to use Manifest Strike on melee hit” on it, but couldn’t find any information on it on the wiki, or in the Sentinel’s skill list. What is it?

they were changed from “manifest weapon” to “manifest strike” as noted in the patch notes from 0.8.2. i think it was changed to avoid confusion with the manifest weapons from forge strike, but i could be mistaken. unfortunately in this case it caused more confusion because the wiki and database sites may not be fully up to date yet.

there was also a skill called manifest weapon at one point but it never had a skill tree and was removed. i believe this wiki entry is still accurate for what the skill actually does though: Manifest Weapon - Official Last Epoch Wiki

Those are forged weapons from Forged Strike…

OP, there used to be a Forge Guard skill called Manifest Weapon which was an instant “cast” overhead slash. It didn’t have a skill tree and was removed from the game but they left in the idols that proced it on melee hit.

the game does refer to them as “manifest swords” in the skill description

No, that text is using manifest as a verb (“you have manifested a thing”) not a noun. “You manifest a sword”. If it were a noun then it would be something along the lines of “you cast Manifest Sword”, capitalised as any proper name should be and there wouldn’t be an “a” in between the two words.

i understand the difference. i don’t appreciate the condescension.

I wasn’t trying to be condescending, I had to ask the wife which one a “noun” was and google what a verb was and provide examples of the differences for anyone that might not be an English native speaker.

And the most important thing, being correct while having a minimalistic social filter/awareness.

TLDR, the game doesn’t refer to them as Manifest Swords.

making sure things are understood is all well and good. but i explained everything in my first post, albeit with a poor grasp of the exact phrasing and history of the changes to sentinel things, since i’m not much of a sentinel player.

your first reply only repeated what i said about the old skill, as if i hadn’t said it, with the correction of my mistake (which, fair cop to that one, i had gotten some terms mixed up and remembered poorly), but that coupled with the rest of this back and forth just feels like you’re trying to score smart guy points when i was just trying to help someone.

apologies if i read too much into what you wrote and misattributed condescension to it, but pedantry doesn’t make for good conversations.

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Thanks for the replies. Does it still behave the same way as Forge Strike, or does it do something different? I’ve slapped the target dummy for a few minutes and nothing extra seems to happen, nor does the idol’s alt-text provide a description (unless I have something turned off in options?).

Just to be clear again, the “Manifest Strike” is only a attack, that doesn’t spawn any minions.

You spawn a overheard sword which strikes an enemy in melee range.
You can even visually see that, if it’s happening.

Thanks, I see it now; it looks like a red arc over the character’s head, but it was a little hard to see with Rive slashes going on at the same time. Appreciate the clarification. I also didn’t realize that it was alt+CTRL shows the skill effect text. My mistake.