Manifest armor stats scaling?

I am trying an MA build, and am wondering how the stats such as armor, health, resistance scale with the passives and items. Specifically,

  1. does passives affect MA, eg Defiance on MA’s resistance?
  2. do minion health, res etc carried to MA regardless of where the affix is on, eg armor vs rings?
  3. I noticed that the stats of the MA is fixed after it is created, and changing items does not seem to affect the already created MA. The MA will be recreated when entering a different map. Does it leave some room for two sets of items, one for MA, one for myself?

Your passives don’t unless they say they give a minion stat.

Yes because the MA is your minion. Any minion stats on an item the MA inherits via the skill tree nodes would affect the MA’s minions. If it had any.

Correct, most things snapshot in LE.

If you want, yes.

Thanks for the answers. I did some tests, and it seems that

  • increased physical damage on rings does not affect MA
  • increased minion damage on rings affects MA, but only when the modifiers are very low (no weapon / armor / helmet / boot / glove). Not sure how the minion damage is applied.
  • increased physical damage or increased minion damage on rings don’t seem to affect bleeding DOT.

Does this suggest that there is no point to craft minion or physical affixes on ring/amu/belt?

The MA can’t inherit your rings & that’s not a minion affix. The MA can only inherit certain item slots (helm, gloves, boots & chest plus weapon). The skill has nodes that allow it to multiply the stats it gets from those specific slots.

That’s because the MA is a minion & your minion damage modifiers affect it. Any amount of % increased minion damage would be added in to any other relevant % damage modifiers from your gear that can affect the MA (see above).

% increased minion damage would but % increased physical damage (on your rings since that’s not a slot the MA inherits) wouldn’t as that’s not a minion modifier.

% increased minion damage modifiers yes, % increased physical damage modifiers no (since those are player modifiers, not minion modifiers).

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