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Manifest Armor no longer scales damage from weapon?

Hello there, time travelers!

I revisited an old Forge Guard minion build and I noticed Manifest Armor no longer scales damage from my equipped weapon, although in its skill tree I’ve taken the Titan Mace point.
With no gear equipped, the Manifest Armor does regular hits of around 1.2k and the damage doesnt increase, regardless of the weapon I equip.
Is this a bug, or am I missing something? To be honest, I havent played this build in quite a while.
Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

It does, try wiping the tree and restarting

Did you resummon the Manifest each time you switched weapon? it snapshots the weapon you use when its summoned.

I havent tried that, thanks!

Awesome, thanks!

rly… does it snapshot all the pieces?

Yup sigh insufficient characters