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Manifest armor and thornshell?

Anyone know if Manifest armor will benefit from the 4-9% per attunement from Thornshell shield?

Not 100% sure, but it should.
But even if it does, it will scale off the Manifest Armour’s Attunement which will be much less than your own attunement, since it does not get benefits from some of the major sources of attributes.

I’m not sure if minions have any attribute like attunement.

By default they don’t, but Manifest Armour would gain those attributes from Body, Helmet, Gloves or Boots

Can’t remember where but I’m pretty sure someone from EHG has stated that the armour just doesn’t receive or benefit from those attributes.

Normally, no, but in this case of the shield it’s just using the Manifest Armour’s attunement to calculate a buff to flat reflected damage.

Manifest Armour does not scale off any attributes, because the skills it uses don’t scale with attributes.

Not 100% sure if manifest armour would get the inherent benefits.

But for this specific interaction with the unique effect, it should work.

I know MA inherents affixes from player gear. For example, if you have +X health regen on your gloves, MA will inherent this affix.
But does MA, as an indivisual, have its own attribute stats just like player?
I mean, is it possible that attribute stats like attunement are absent on MA, thus it is unable to benefit from any +X attunement affixes that are inherented from player gear?

edit: clarification

No. It’s skills are based on your attributes, not it’s own.