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Mania of Mortality seems to behave very inconsistently

I have 10 points up in Mania of Mortality (10% chance to gain 130 ward on nearby death) on a Lich build. The thing is, sometimes this never seems to proc , while other times it gives me 500+ ward.

The 10% chance does mean a lot of variance, but when I’m running an arena-based echo with quite a few enemies and Mania of Mortality doesn’t proc even once, then it makes me wonder if there are certain conditions that I’m not aware of. It doesn’t depend on enemy type, does it?

I don’t think so, it should proc off anything (including your minions) dieing “nearby”, which according to @Mike_Weicker should be an area roughly the size of the circle round the training dummy. 10% isn’t a particularly big number though so it doesn’t surprise me if it feels inconsistent.

That certainly makes it hard to judge. I’ve now done 25 waves on the arena and it definitely procced about as much as I would expect rather than barely proccing at all. I’ll probably keep playing with it on for a bit to see whether it still feels “off”.

I’m mainly keeping it as a defensive measure in high-enemy-density situations, but since it seems to be highly unreliable even in those situations, I’ll probably end up dropping it.