Mana Strike

Curious if anyone would be able to answer a couple questions for me. Did some testing myself, but can not be 100% sure of the results lol

Wondering if the “Spark Charge” node within the Mana Strike tree, stacks on itself? i.e. if my atk speed is faster then .7sec, will the mob gain two charges (or more) OR can another charge not be applied until the first detonates?

Secondly if the spark charge damages the mob its attached to or if its just the surrounding mobs?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide : )

The charges stack upon themselves. So if you attack at like 3 attacks per second, they’ll have multiple charges on them.

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Awesome, that’s what i was hoping to hear.


One more question, is there a One Handed weapon that has a melee lightning damage implicit stat? I know of the 2handed axe and hammer, but really looking for a 1hander to scale mana strike with.


Katanas are really good for Mana Strike regardless of the lack of lightning implicit. The 1.25 base attack rate means you can crank out ~4 attacks per second.

Or you use a Raiders Axe basis to get more crit chance ^^.

Thanks guys, will deff look into those, the higher atk spd is more appealing to me. Hoping this mana strike build will scale well enuff to push arenas like the shatter strike build.

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